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Carolyn H has decades of experience working in chemistry laboratories, optimizing methods, streamlining syntheses, maintaining equipment, managing projects, supervising employees, and writing technical reports. She spent many weeks on a factory floor in China monitoring and orchestrating the production of silica-amine composites used in the purification and isolation of target metals.

Over the years she has also worked as a tax preparer for H&R Block, a teacher of advanced secondary school science, and a consultant for a team designing data-acquisition sensors.

As a scientist Carolyn H. has written numerous technical essays explaining ongoing laboratory projects for individuals with varying backgrounds, including people with no science background whatsoever. In particular she has enjoyed demystifying scientific principles hidden behind unfamiliar scientific terminology.


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As a licensed Pharmacy Technician and retired bench chemist, Carolyn H. is proficient with specific chemical and pharmaceutical terminology, as well as with general scientific principles. Her expertise includes hands-on laboratory work using instrumentation, maintaining equipment, streamlining methods, managing projects, and solving problems. The continuing education required to maintain her pharmacy technician's license keeps her familiar with current trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Throughout her career Carolyn H. has written white paper reports to explain the status of projects or to document the details of a particular work assignment. She has written for different audiences, providing appropriate levels of clarification or interpretation. In science, the act of writing often reveals errors in thinking about a project, leading researchers to re-examine previous assumptions and to propose new investigations to solve problems.

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