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Whether you are communicating through a blog, article, web content, a book, or social media outlets, having a strong message is essential. As a freelance writer with more than a decade of experience, Patricia can create compelling content to convey your message to your intended audience clearly and concisely. Patricia has completed projects for a broad portfolio of clients that include small newspapers, print and online publications, web design firms, and many others.

In 2002, Patricia graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and ESL from Florida Atlantic University. Although her degree and teaching background are not directly related to writing, they have prepared her for a freelance writing career in a few key ways. The attention to detail, planning, organizational skills, and ability to adhere to a schedule are crucial skills in both education and freelance writing.

Every person and brand has a unique story to share with the world. Patricia can tell your story in a way that will engage and impact your audience. In addition to writing for relevance and accuracy, she is able to balance multiple projects, set reasonable deadlines, and complete assignments on time, if not ahead of schedule.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Patricia’s first career was working as a cosmetologist. She attended beauty school, earned a Cosmetology Certificate in Pennsylvania, and worked in salons in Pennsylvania and Florida. She has used this knowledge in dozens of articles on topics related to beauty.


Prior to majoring in Education, Patricia began her college career as a Business & Accounting major. Additionally, she has written blog posts, articles, and web content, and ghostwritten e-books on topics that include starting a crafting business and surviving the interviewing process for job seekers.


Patricia holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University in Elementary Education and ESL. She has worked as a preschool teacher, preschool director, and taught kindergarten and first grade. She has written articles and blog posts on education related topics and web content for private schools, ranging from preschools to private high schools.


Patricia’s background as a teacher and mother of four children have provided her with abundant theoretical and practical experience in this industry. In addition to her years as a preschool teacher, elementary school teacher, and mother, she worked as a paid blogger for a pregnancy blog and has written articles on parenting and family related topics for online and print publications.


Yoga and Meditation

Patricia began practicing yoga in 2003, after the birth of her third child. She has taken meditation classes with a Buddhist monk and continues to practice both yoga and meditation regularly. Additionally, she worked as a paid blogger for a yoga blog on a popular website for several years.


Patricia has written extensively for clients in the health and wellness industries. Her specialties include general wellness, organic foods, natural remedies, and improving overall wellness through healthy living and lifestyle choices. She has created web content, blog posts, and articles on health and wellness topics for a broad range of clients.

Green Living

Patricia and her entire family are committed to living lightly on the Earth. She works to reduce energy consumption and waste in her home and, through her writing, encourages others to do the same. Sustainable living improves the health of the planet and everything living on it. She has written blog posts and general articles on a range of topics, including green living, natural living, and environmental issues.


Patricia has extensive knowledge of healthy living and fitness from life experience and her work as a writer. She has written articles, web content, blog posts, product descriptions, and product reviews on diverse topics that include yoga, outdoor recreation, exercise equipment, yoga gear, and workout clothing.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Patricia has extensive experience as a blog writer. She has written and managed blogs on the subjects of pregnancy and yoga and blog posts for clients on a wide variety of topics. Patricia writes short blogs and longer pieces that grab the reader’s attention and fit the client’s requirements. She can create everything from blogs written in an amusing and relaxed style to serious and authoritative blog posts.

Web Page

Patricia has written web page content and SEO web content for thousands of websites. Some of her clients include individual website owners and web design firms.


Grant writing was part of Patricia's job responsibilities as director of a preschool. She successfully acquired grants for the school for computers, playground equipment, and technology in the classroom. Additionally, she completed a Grant Writing Basics course.


Patricia has authored hundreds of articles for print and online publications. Her research and interview skills are impeccable and she enjoys researching new topics and crafting articles that will engage and educate the reader. Regardless of the subject, she is able to find a unique angle and create an interesting and informative article for every client.


Patricia has ghostwritten four e-books for clients on topics that range from starting a ceramics business to interviewing for a job. She is a skilled researcher and takes the time to thoroughly conduct all necessary research and interviews to create an e-book that is timely, informative, and engaging for the reader. She takes the time to understand the client’s objectives and requirements to ensure that the client’s needs are met and expectations exceeded.

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