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Her work experience is rich with topic-related articles from healthcare to the telecommunications industry. She's written over 500 product and service descriptions for marketing campaigns.


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Industry Projects

  • Consumer Goods500+
  • Health100+

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

She wrote and edited product descriptions and marketing ads for such clients as Hermes and Walmart, including jewelry, electronics, computers, clothing, games, and furniture. Her focus was on content with content accuracy, format, style, grammar, spelling, strategic keyword use to optimize the best match to search results, word count adherence, and application of the requirements set in the company style guide.

In tandem with the above, she's written product descriptions and marketing ads for clients, who sell on eBay and Poshmark, including jewelry, clothing, toys, antiques, paintings, and furniture. Using the same criteria that she's used for the former job description, she utilized this check list and applied the latest guidelines from the Associated Press Stylebook.


She wrote healthcare product and service information for a healthcare system. Her information was supported by analysis and detailed both the benefits of the product or service to increase the health and well-being of people in addition to any cost savings advantages. Her focus was on content accuracy, content development, style, and grammar.

Product Projects

  • Product Description500+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Product descriptions for the retail market, including such clients as Walmart and Hermes. The product descriptions include the addition of target keywords from possible search terms, content development, keeping it evergreen; content accuracy; format and style consistency; grammar; spelling; word count, and application of style guide requirements.

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