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Jeanette taught middle school mathematics for several years before entering the education technology market, first as a trainer and consultant, and then as support for a field-based sales channel. She has held positions of educational consultant, ed tech product manager, digital portfolio strategy manager, account manager, and sales associate for both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. She was the contributing writer and editor on numerous nationally-published mathematics instructional materials, and has been a prolific writer throughout her career. She currently specializes in lean/agile methodologies, sales and marketing processes and procedures, and can write both technical and creative content. An avid runner, she also has experience with exercise and fitness methodologies and training techniques.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Jeanette taught middle school math and life science for many years following the attainment of her education degrees. Following her time in the classroom, she worked for numerous education technology and professional development organizations. She has authored instructional materials, including workbooks and assessment items, and occasionally ghost-wrote an online blog featuring formative assessment techniques for renowned British researcher, Dylan Wiliam.


Jeanette has held several product management and marketing positions in the fields of education technology and professional development. She is certified by the Pragmatic Marketing organization and excels at product positioning, user and buyer personas, and developing unique value propositions. She has written go-to market plans and web copy for several of the products and solutions she managed.


Jeanette has written documentation and step-sets for numerous educational technology programs. As product manager, she was required to understand product features and functionality, and be able to communicate how the software worked to end-users clearly and effectively. She has created product briefs, informational memos and "How To" guides for the various solutions she managed.

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Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

As the product manager for a professional development start-up division within an established small company, Jeanette was responsible for renaming and relaunching a line of professional development formally known as "embedded formative assessment". She renamed the product line "Strategic Formative Assessment", worked with a graphic designer to create a new logo and wordmark, and launched the solution on a website created by the company specifically for this purpose. As such, Jeanette was responsible for designing the web pages, layouts, and for writing all of the content housed within.

Blog Post

Jeanette has ghost-written and authored numerous blog posts on a variety of topics, covering both education and fitness. She specializes in jogging and running, outdoors and on trails in particular. Before writing a post, she generally researches the latest information that is available to ensure her posts are accurate and timely.


Jeanette has written numerous brochures and fliers for the various educational products and solutions she has managed as both a product manager, and a portfolio strategy manager in the fields of education technology and professional development. These marketing assets were used primarily to support field sales personnel, during channel training development, as well as on company websites.

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