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Nicole Piland received BA in English in 1997 with an emphasis in writing. She began her career writing and editing articles for "The Enterprise", a tabloid style mostly newsletter for the VA Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. During this time she also maintained the Chamber website and took a class on HTML.

In 2000, Nicole accepted a position as a web designer for a design firm. As a web designer she met with clients, reviewed requirements, and designed sites based on client specifications best site practices. She has also taught HTML courses and presented on mobile designs.


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Web Development

Nicole Piland has been involved in web development for the past 17 years. In 1997, she helped the English department of her college, Gardener-Webb University, prepare for its web presence. Since then she has worked on maintaining sites and creating new and unique sites for businesses throughout Virginia. Over the years, she has adapted to the changing technologies to provide the best solutions for all clients. One of the most recent solutions has been the use of WordPress as a content management system, enabling clients to maintain their own site while providing built in functionality.

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Web Page

As part of her web design job, Nicole Piland has also helped clients pull together content for their sites. Some clients have very little or need assistance putting it in a web-friendly layout. She also reads through all text as it comes in to make sure there are no grammatical errors before it is added to a site.

Newsletter Content

Nicole Piland wrote articles and served as the editor for a monthly newsletter, The Enterprise, a 16-page tabloid paper with a circulation of about 5,000. Duties included writing, editing articles, designing, and page layout in Adobe PageMaker. She also interviewed and wrote articles for a quarterly web design newsletter. These articles included web issues, a director's letter, and articles about new clients.


In April when Google changed its search algorithm, Nicole Piland participated in a Regional Business Series. She put together a presentation, including PowerPoint slides, for members that included information about the upcoming changes to Google, how it would affect businesses, and information about the web design company where she was employed.

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