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With more than three decades of experience developing content strategies and writing for clients in industries ranging from human and animal health to hospitality, retail, manufacturing and commercial film production, Christopher has developed award-winning print advertising and collateral materials, broadcast and non-broadcast advertising, websites, books, SEO articles, public relations communications and movies. Christopher's recent projects include online product category descriptions for a major shoe retailer, video scripts for an international provider of business software, print advertising for a local golf course and catalogs for a barbecue vendor that has been rated #1 in the country by Zagat.
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Website copy, blogs and SEO: Christopher has written website copy for railroads, software companies, retailers and other organizations with attention to search engine optimization and readability. He has also contributed many SEO articles for clients doing business on the Web. Christopher's ability to grasp complex subjects and convert information into readable prose has been important in developing blog posts for clients in technical areas such as blood testing for cancer detection.

Print advertising and collateral: The need for print advertising as well as brochures, flyers and other collateral materials still exists, and Christopher has written copy for thousands of them. The work includes brochures for banks and real estate organizations, print ads for business-to-business and retail clients, posters for medical equipment manufacturers, booklets and newsletters for animal health product manufacturers and many other printed items.

Video scripts: Christopher has written video scripts about the history and greatness of golf for a national golfers' organization, to engender employee excitement for a regional supermarket chain, to tout product benefits to corporate decision makers for an international software company, to demonstrate the clean power of soy diesel for an agricultural organization and many other subjects for clients large and small. Always the goal is to provide an end product that sells a message and/or product well.


Christopher is an avid bird watcher and fan of professional baseball and football as well as college basketball. He writes for fun as well as a living.


University of Kansas

After four years in the military, Christopher returned to college and graduated with highest distinction. He has been a member of the Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies.


655 Projects Completed

Christopher has written advertisements, brochures, websites and many other materials for manufacturing companies making everything from screen printing inks and equipment to furniture, animal health products, and pre-engineered buildings. His clients have included Oklahoma Fixture Company, Hill's Pet Nutrition, National Graphics, Wilflex, Butler Manufacturing Co., American Ultraviolet Company and many more. Whether the process and product are straightforward or intricate and complex, Christopher knows how to bring out the features and benefits that sell.


427 Projects Completed

The author of many articles on health and the healthcare industry as well as the writer of health-related print advertisements, websites, blogs, videos and other communications, Christopher has a strong background in the area. He has written for Oncimmune Inc., a maker of cancer tests; bioMérieux Inc., a manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment: Sigma Diagnostics, a manufacturer of medical tests; Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences; Our Health Matters and more. He has authored blogs telling the stories of lung cancer patients, print ads and brochures to sell diagnostic equipment to hospitals and clinics, videos demonstrating the features and benefits of medical equipment; and websites to bring new medical products to market. He has also written magazine stories about health problems and the people who deliver health care.


304 Projects Completed

Christopher has written for animal health and nutrition product manufacturers and providers including Hill's Pet Nutrition, VetCentric, Royal Canin, Nutramax Laboratories Inc. and Bayer Corporation. He has developed concepts for and written print advertisements and collateral pieces, including brochures, product manuals, newsletters, posters and other communications concerning products for dogs, cats, horses and even fish. His experience in new-product introductions as well as ongoing advertising, promotion and technical documentation is extensive.

Direct Mail

200 Projects Completed

Direct mail is still an important way to communicate with potential customers and stakeholders. The key to success is understanding the audience. Sometimes short and sweet is best. Sometimes more detail works. Christopher has written direct mail for non-profits and for-profits of many kinds. Among his greatest successes was a simple letter for a mental health agency that garnered a response rate of more than 50 percent. He has developed the ability to communicate messages in a way that encourages action.

Web Page

137 Projects Completed

The keys to a strong website are clarity and brevity, and Christopher has mastered the art of achieving both. He has written websites for companies large and small, from a few pages to hundreds of pages. His clients have included national and internationals companies as well as mom-and-pop shops. He enjoys working with Web designers and programmers to come up the best solution for every kind of business or non-profit organization. In every case, he takes the time to understand the client's business and the goals for the site and to construct a narrative that achieves those goals.


126 Projects Completed

Christopher has written dozens of videos and TV commercials on behalf of clients ranging from equipment manufacturers and software developers to agricultural organizations and medical diagnostic product producers. He has also written screenplays for commercial film production companies. Over the years, he has gained experience in a wide range of industries, often being called upon to translate complex ideas into easily understood concepts that can be presented in a short time. In all cases, the focus is on a presentation that is fresh, educational and fun to watch.

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