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Brooklin Nash is a professional online content manager and writer, with three years of experience working with many different clients. He has contracted with social media, marketing, logistics, and web management companies to meet their SEO, content management, and creative writing needs. In these roles, Brooklin has worked daily with platforms like WordPress, Yoast SEO, Hootsuite, and Google Analytics, and written optimized articles on everything from marketing to logistics.
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SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Online Content Management


Everything related to financial independence, science fiction, and travel


Pepperdine University

Brooklin attended Pepperdine University and completed a full, four-year degree in Sociology and Conflict Management.

Tel Avivi University

Brooklin attended Tel Aviv University in Israel for coursework in Political Science and Communication. He then completed his Master's thesis on the relationship between nonprofits and politics in Guatemala.

Search Marketing

100 Projects Completed

Brooklin works primarily in several facets of search marketing. First and foremost, he works with Search Engine Optimization for small business websites by writing and managing their blog. Because of this, Brooklin is well-versed in keyword integration on nearly any topic. In addition to SEO, Brooklin has managed the Google Ads and social media accounts of several small businesses and nonprofits. For an example of Brooklin's expertise in search marketing, see one of his SEO-related snippets below.

Web Development

20 Projects Completed

Brooklin has contracted with companies like HubRunner to produce and manage original web content for a wide range of clients. In this role, Brooklin has updated business information and edited webpages on the Wordpress platform. The job has given Brooklin an in depth understanding of web development using HTML and Wordpress plugins. Additionally, Brooklin has written business blog entries on the topic of web development (as seen in the sample below).


5 Projects Completed

An avid and experienced traveler, Brooklin always enjoys writing about the world from a traveler's perspective. More specifically, Brooklin has worked as the Managing Editor for a Guatemalan-based travel site, News Lake Atitlan. In this role, Brooklin curated original content for the travel site, both editing and writing on all things travel related. For an example of this, see one of Brooklin's travel snippets below.


150 Projects Completed

Brooklin has written articles on many different subjects, and prides himself on the ability to quickly research and write confidently about many different fields and industries. For example, Brooklin worked as the primary article writer for GSSI Inc, an international logistics management company. In this role, Brooklin produced weekly articles on all things related to global business and logistics. For an example of this style of work, see the sample below.

Product Description

101 Projects Completed

As a freelancer, Brooklin has written many different product descriptions - from BitCoin digital products to industrial heaters. Through these projects, Brooklin has acquired the ability to take otherwise dry language and adapt it to look more like a conversational piece. For an example of Brooklin's product descriptions, see the 'immersion heater' sample below.

Blog Post

1 Projects Completed

Brooklin has blogged extensively for online content management companies on all topics related to SEO, marketing, and business management. With a quick eye and understanding of what makes both interesting and pertinent information, Brooklin has developed the ability to write quickly and confidently about nearly any topic. For an example, see a sample of a blog post on online lead management below.

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