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Ashlyn holds a Bachelor’s degree in English (Writing Concentration) and has had extensive training in various types of writing, editing, design, and digital media. Her experience ranges from writing newsletters, press releases and web content for a non-profit organization to creating scientific journals for a graduate school. She is very passionate about her work, and am an ambitious learner with the ability to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently in order to increase job productivity and boost company success.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Non Profit

Ashlyn has created numerous pieces across various platforms for local non-profit organizations. While she is seasoned at writing press releases, newsletters, and grants, she has also produced op-eds, event advertisements, and common interest articles. Along with her more formal writing, Ashlyn has also managed and created web content both for websites and social media platforms.


An avid fitness guru herself, Ashlyn loves promoting healthy living through a combination of fitness and nutrition. She believes this combination to be crucial because while you may not be able to out-train a bad diet, you definitely cannot out-live a bad lifestyle. While there is no "one size fits all" fitness plan, Ashlyn believes that with the right resources, it is possible for anyone to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.


As a pre-med student in college, Ashlyn has completed all pre-medical course, clocked hundreds of medical volunteer hours, and participated in a collaborative research paper with a group of physicians, pharmacists, and graduate professors. Throughout her experience in the medical field, she has gained a vast amount of knowledge, which has helped her to create scientific reports, research articles, and editorials.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

For many non-profit organizations with low budgets, press releases are the primary resource for advertising upcoming events. Having worked with non-profit organizations for over 4 years, Ashlyn is very practiced in the field of press releases. Whether your needs are for a general news release, announcement, or event advertisement, Ashlyn is capable of ensuring that your organization is represented right.

Newsletter Content

Having created newsletters for non-profit organizations and a large university, Ashlyn knows how to compose interesting content that will keep your readers coming back. Whether your newsletter consists of organization news, advertisements, promotions, or general interest articles, Ashlyn can help you boost readership and increase success.


Ashlyn's research strategies, detail-oriented work ethic, and organization skills all aide in helping her to create concise and effective grants. She believes that the most compelling grants come from proper research, tight diction, and appropriate persuasiveness, all of which act as guidelines throughout her grant writing.

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