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Sarah graduated with a degree in English and has since honed her craft as a blogger and content writer. Over the last year, Sarah worked at a high-profile marketing firm where she created landing pages, blog posts, press releases, and optimized websites.
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SEO, blogs, long-form content, press releases, landing page content


Legal writing, copywriting, blogging


Smith College

Sarah graduated with honors from Smith College in 2009. While she majored in English, her passion lies in antiquities. During her tenure at Smith, she studied Greek, Latin, Old Norse, and modern German while simultaneously pouring over Victorian literature.


32 Projects Completed

Sarah managed a blog and monitored website performance for a local outdoor and recreation equipment store in Colorado. Her blogs focused on useful tips, gear reviews, and sales promotions.


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Sarah's previous experience in the financial sector allowed her to manage and produce high-quality content for a number of financial advising blogs with a focus on increasing conversion rates and boosting client outreach.

Green Living

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Green living has long been a passion for Sarah. She is familiar with natural cleaning, the harmful effects of artificial fragrances, and how to reduce your home's energy consumption simply.

Blog Post

354 Projects Completed

Sarah creates SEO-driven blog posts for clients in a variety of industries and is familiar with the unique challenge of capturing a company's voice while conveying high-quality information.

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