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William started off as a freelance writer for local newspapers. He then transitioned into a career of technical writing that has spanned more than 15 years. William has been creating and editing complex documentation and with the goal of making it readable for the intended audience. He is now going back to his roots and reestablishing a freelance career while maintaining a personal blog.


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William has worked over 15 years on several software documentation projects. He has worked on user guides, references guides, and even API documentation. He has a knack for taking complicated subjects and making the readable for the common user. William has worked in different software industries, including semiconductor design, IT security, and healthcare IT.

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Product Description

William has spent over 15 years writing technical documentation, including product descriptions in user manuals and reference guides. He aims to make the product descriptions clear, accurate, and engaging. He also is sure to include keywords and key topics, so the description is easily searchable on the internet or within a larger document.

Blog Post

William has his own blog that centers on the subject of technical writing. In his blog, William focuses not so much on specific tools in technical writing, but instead he focuses on some core philosophies, principles, and trends in the field. William is hoping that his blog will be a good resource for others in the technical writing industry.

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