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Jason is a psychologist who has worked in several K-12, undergraduate, and graduate educational settings for over five years. He has designed courses in the field of psychology covering topics related to human development, abnormal behavior, cognition, intellectual assessment, academic interventions, and instructional consultation. Jason has also contributed to program evaluation aimed to improve graduate psychology training, advised doctoral students completing data-based dissertations, and directly supervised service delivery for trainees completing internships in public school districts. He is currently a school psychologist in a large urban school district where he conducts psychoeducational assessments, consults with stakeholders, and facilitates interventions. Jason is passionate about linking theory, research, and practice.


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Jason developed content, scripts, and presentations for fully online courses in a specialized undergraduate curriculum designed for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder covering topics related to human development, group dynamics, and abnormal psychology. He later taught these courses and modified them for broader undergraduate populations.

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Jason researched topics related to single-subject designs, interventions for K-12 students, communicating evaluation results to educational stakeholders, and trends in graduate psychology training. This information was presented to graduate trainees, professional colleagues, and at national conferences.

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