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Maggie’s graduate degree and research career have afforded her an extensive education in scientific and technical writing. Her experiences with teaching and course design have helped her to develop skill in communicating complex ideas in an accessible manner. She has written articles about many topics, and is just as comfortable writing a conversational blog post as she is writing a scientific research proposal. She takes care to research assignments thoroughly and write in a tone that is appropriate to the intended audience.
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Biology, particularly developmental biology, evolution, ecology, nutrition, environmental physiology, and genetics. Psychology, particularly behavior, mental health and disorders, and neuroscience. Health, medicine, science, and environment.


Travel, photography, comedy, gardening, and fashion.


George Mason University

As an undergraduate Maggie studied psychology and neuroscience, and worked in both psychology and molecular biology laboratories. She developed a strong foundation in behavioral work and social psychology, and has presented research at numerous national and international conferences.

Washington State University

For her master’s thesis, Maggie studied geographic variation in early life development, behavior, and genetics of the wood frog. During this time, she gained extensive experience writing manuscripts, reviews, and grant proposals. She also developed a strong knowledge base in nutrition, developmental biology, physiology, behavior, and ecology. Maggie was a top-ranked teaching assistant for an introductory biology course, and assisted in the development of new laboratory modules. While teaching science to college freshmen, she discovered her natural ability for explaining complex ideas in a simple manner.


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Maggie’s education and extensive background in biomedical research provide an excellent knowledge base for medical writing, especially in the areas of reproductive medicine, nutrition, and mental health. Her medical writing experience includes numerous pieces for contexts including blog posts, clinic websites, and articles, as well as short product descriptions for medical sales. She excels at producing clear, well-researched medical writing of any length.


13 Projects Completed

Maggie’s graduate education and biological research experience afford her a strong foundation for health writing, especially in the areas of reproductive health, nutrition, and psychology. She has written multiple articles and blog posts about health related topics. She is comfortable summarizing complex scientific articles into a clear message that will resonate with a variety of audiences, and uses this skill to write well-researched pieces with current health information.


19 Projects Completed

Maggie has written articles for numerous blogs and websites. She is comfortable researching and writing articles for most any topic, but specializes in health and biological subjects due to her educational background. When writing an article, she aims for clear, concise language that conveys appropriate tone and depth of knowledge for the intended audience.

Blog Post

13 Projects Completed

Maggie has authored blog posts for topics including health and wellness, travel, gardening, and photography. She enjoys the opportunity to share technical information in a conversational style that can by enjoyed by a broad range of readers. She intermittently writes posts and short stories for her personal travel and photography blog, Maggie Explores.


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Maggie has a master’s degree in biology and an extensive background in biological research. During the course of her education she authored and coauthored numerous grant proposals, took a graduate course on grant writing, and participated in multiple grant writing workshops. She continues to be involved in proposal writing in her current role as a research associate in a university laboratory.

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