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Curiosity for other cultures, and a truth-seeking determination, has equipped Ms. Palmersheim's multi-varied qualifications as a well-traveled individual, who has ventured to Ireland and Spain, among other countries. She is an expert in travel writing with nine-months experience, as a freelance blog writer for an International Jewelry Company, based in Dublin, Ireland. Her unique content and media blogging increased the company's profits and left an alarming impression.

As an equally gifted academic writer, her education in English Literature and Creative writing, has accentuated her adept research skills, and by her professor's standards she was deemed 'genius' at creative interpretations, in articulating abstract ideas, and her ability to make connections between disparate things. On honing research and academic essays, she is perilously.


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Consumer Goods

While blog writing and media/ content developing for the online website Irish Celtic Jewels, Palmersheim's content proved reliable, researched, interesting and descriptive. She used images and social media to increase the client base, draw web searchers to the jewelry site, and increase customer sales.

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Proposal writing for student grant and scholarships, proceed from her own experience writing grant and scholarship applications to pay for the full expenditure of a four-year degree, including living expenses, food, tuition and other University fines. From the initial account she had written on the behalf of noteworthy individuals seeking the same kind of consolidation.

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