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Matt A. has a thoughtful, creative demeanor to his writing that can make some of the driest subjects readable. He is proficient in technology and food service industries. Matt has completed a 2-year culinary arts course where he finished top in his class. He is also currently studying in the field of information systems. Matt has a love for knowledge and can easily gain a strong grasp of virtually any topic with relative ease. He can quickly produce finished work exceeding expectations.


With only a year left before attaining a B.S. in Information Systems, Matt already has specialized knowledge of technologically related fields along with business structure and management.

He is particularly specialized in informative, instructional, and creatively related content. He is also skilled in articles and blog posts. Matt is well versed in a variety of tones and compositions that will be sure to fulfill the needs of any prospective clients.


Matt has a strong passion for writing and does so in his spare time. The topics he finds himself crafting include creating story arcs, poems or philosophical musings.

When not writing, Matt enjoys cooking, researching, and traveling (when possible). During his downtime he loves to spend time with his girlfriend, play with his German shepherds or fire up a video game.


Anthis Career Center

Matthew A. studied the field of culinary arts. This includes cooking, baking, plating, cake decoration, and hospitality management.

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Matt A. has studied the application and management of information systems. This includes knowledge of enterprise systems, business process management, and programming syntax.


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Matt has already written several articles related to coffee and espresso. He has studied culinary arts for 2 years and has honed his skill on how to cook his entire life. From being able to dissect flavor profiles to crafting a deliciously creamy risotto, Matt has the experience and educational backing to ensure proficiency in this industry.


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Matt has written on a variety of topics that encompass technology. His knowledge of operating systems, kernels, embedded systems, application-based software, hardware, and the industry surrounding it covers virtually every corner in this field. He is currently in the process of attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Information Systems


0 Projects Completed

The ability to create an unbiased piece that resonates with any side of the political spectrum is like walking on eggshells scattered across a bed of hot coals. With that said, Matt is able to skirt the line effectively and create informative pieces that are political in nature that showcase facts that are interesting and revealing of the underlying political machines that run governments.


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Matt has written several articles that have received excellent praise. He is able to inform comfortably, without overwhelming the reader with too much information. He has the technique of balance where the point is made clearly, and the facts are straight forward, all while keeping the reader entertained so that they just can't put the page down (or hit the back button!).

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