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Looking for a dependable writer you can stick with for the long haul? Neal’s well worth the look in that case.

He’s a well-versed wordsmith whose clients describe as having a lot of heart. His passion is inseparable from his craft.

You can be confident that when you hire Neal, he’ll serve you up quality content every time. He doesn’t make junk. That’s just the way Neal rolls.

Neal has both freelance and staff writing experience. As a staffer, he wrote for an outdoor television personality, outdoor booking agency and for several outfitter-themed blogs.

In this capacity, Neal created vignettes for commercials, blog articles, emails, press releases and a pro-staff bio for the Cabela's website. His articles often required interviewing sources to give them more authority. Neal also helped with editing in this role.

Some places Neal’s work has been featured include The Upper Room Blog, The Upper Room Devotional, Light from the Word, The Good and Beautiful Curriculum, and Pure Instinct Hunting.

Neal currently provides direct-client writing in the healthcare industry, especially in the psychology field. He works with counseling practices all over the country to ensure they have content that resonates with prospective clients and ranks high in the search engines.

Word-of-mouth referrals are common for Neal as are repeat clients. He recently finished up a $2,000 writing job where he was paid between 20 and 25 cents per word.

Perpetual learning is a must for today’s writers. That’s why Neal is committed to always improving. He’s currently taking a month-long, training course on creating e-books.

This comprehensive course covers subjects like providing SEO in e-books, writing outlines, font considerations, proper e-book pricing (often between $2,000 and $5,000) and project management such as hiring a graphic designer.

As a freelance writer, Neal has done the following work:

-Writing articles for a local newspaper
-Press releases
-Blogging and guest blogging
-Articles and current events
-Novel writing
-Print articles
-Testimonial write-ups after interviewing happy clients, customers and service providers
-Staff bios

Here are some of the things Neal's clients have said about him:

“Writing great content for a psychotherapy practice website takes a great writer, good knowledge of the field – but most of all heart. Neal is by far the best psychology writer that I have ever met. I refer therapists to him exclusively if they want quality blog posts written well – and written from the heart. If you want your readers to have good content, but don’t feel writing is your strength, please contact Neal. You’ll be glad you did!”

“Neal has provided substantive, personable, and smart content for my company’s blog. He is intuitive in his writing, and takes time to research a topic so his ideas are more nuanced. He is also a pleasure to work with. Neal is a real professional; able to work independently on a deadline and provide fantastic work. I highly recommend him!”

“Neal has been writing articles for me for almost a year now. When I give him a topic, he writes in a way that everyone can understand. He grabs the struggles and emotions that my clients walk in the door with. With his help, my blog tells a story about the couples I work with and how I can help them.”

Because Neal is a full-time freelancer with a family, he prefers to work in the six-star price range.
Self Help
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Neal has written in a wide variety of industries including but not limited to:

-Real Estate
-Sport fishing
-Health and Wellness
-Business writing
-Christian writing (Besides Neal’s professional writing website, he also maintains a Christian blog).
-Dental industry
-General healthcare
-Auto industry
-Pest Control
-Creative writing/fiction


-Classic Literature
-Fishing/the outdoors
-Mental health improvement
-Biblical studies and practice
-Running and strength training


Summit University

Neal majored in Biblical Studies and minored in General Missions while studying in northern Pennsylvania.


217 Projects Completed

Neal's writing addiction is about as difficult to cure as his fishing addiction. He worked as a staff writer for the outdoor industry in the past. While there, he wrote for a television personality, an outdoor booking agency and for several outfitting-themed blogs. Neal also wrote vignettes for commercials, pamphlets, emails, press releases and a pro-staff bio for the Cabela's website. His articles often required interviewing sources to give them more authority. Neal relentlessly edits his work and helped in that capacity as a staffer, too. Whether you’re looking for content about hunting, fishing, mushroom foraging, outdoor activities for children or the latest outdoor gear or more, Neal will come through for you in a big way.

Some of the topics that Neal has written about include:
• Natural scent control systems for whitetail bucks
• Northern Pike fishing with balsa baits
• Articles on kayaks ranging from ones that specialize in freshwater fishing, sea use, whitewater adventures, long travel excursions and family models
• Benefits of fishing from a pontoon boat
• Promotional pieces about fishing decals, fishing clothing, turkey hunting vests, outdoor kitchens, new lures and more.
• Why Some fishermen go ice fishing and others choose not to go
• Hunting for Kentucky whitetail bucks in the velvet
• Business transactions in the form of press releases for the outdoor wire and other media platforms
• Tips for successful fishing trips with children
• Fishing tools that you don’t want to leave home without
• Kansas turkey hunting versus Kentucky turkey hunting
• Field reports from hunting guides about how hunting successes and setbacks
• Interviewed updates from the field about getting ready for the upcoming year
• Press releases about upcoming outdoor television episodes
• Journalistic article about fishing for giant groupers
• Basic saltwater deep sea fishing tips
• Pros and cons of fishing from boats, inflatable kayaks and float tubes
• Benefits of bleeding you want to keep regardless of their size
• Outdoor survival topics
• Much, much more!


121 Projects Completed

Neal has over five years of experience working with the mentally ill population. This included both hospital and crisis stabilization center settings. Those experiences taught him how mental, physical and spiritual health are interconnected. Neal personally has dealt with depression and won the battle of maintaining a healthy weight. Here are some of the topics he covered in his past work.

-Mental health
-Physical exercise
-Nutritional Health
-Disabilities (Neal is a left arm amputee from a childhood lawnmower accident)


106 Projects Completed

Neal has worked directly with the mentally ill and mentally handicapped population in the past. He was employed for five years in a short-term crisis home for the mentally ill, worked at a psychiatric unit in a hospital and assisted at a direct-care home for mentally handicapped patients. His time in home-based services and as a pastor also overlaps nicely with this industry. Given Neal’s experience, he feels comfortable tackling a wide range of medical issues. Here are a few of the topics that he’s recently written about:

• Treatment and care of the obese population
• Relief of minor burn pain
• Life-threatening side effects of chemical exposure
• Reasons for emergency room blood draws
• Neurofeedback for ADHD treatment
• Acupuncture and major depression
• Affordable ways to improve your depression
• Common winter sports injuries
• Newly used dental procedures for children
• Landing pages for a home healthcare agency
• You tube descriptions for dental cartoons aimed at children
• Basic information about bunions
• Physical therapy for foot injuries
• How to keep children’s teeth healthy during Halloween

Self Help

100 Projects Completed

Neal’s life is fueled by a desire to get better at everything that he does. He recognizes that improvement is a human need. Without it, life is hardly worth living. Neal loves to challenge and encourage others with his words by offering achievable ways that they can better their lives. Some of the topics that he has covered in the past included the following:
• New year’s resolutions
• Setting goals for better nutrition
• Practical steps to take to overcome depression
• Implementing regular exercise into your daily routine
• Finding the best career fit and ditching that toxic job
• How to get along with your parents better
• Healing from a broken heart
• How to become happy again after a divorce
• Setting realistic, achievable goals
• Positive thinking
• Much, much more!


69 Projects Completed

Neal worked in case work which dealt with assisting children and families. He also has experience in the education field. Neal has much personal family and children experience, too. He and his wife are expecting their seventh child. He often finds plenty of rich examples and ideas for writing from his own family. Special areas of interest and experience include the following:

-The family and spirituality
-Outdoor family activities
-Physical health in the family
-Positive Interaction
-Better life for the elderly population


40 Projects Completed

Neal writes from the worldview of Biblical Christianity. He studied in Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies. While pastoring a church in rural Manitoba, Canada, he wrote monthly devotionals for the local paper there. He currently lives in Michigan and runs a blog that deals with the topic of spiritual inspiration in the form of articles and devotional thoughts. He recently had a children's story published in a Christian homeschooling history book and will be published by Light from the Word and The Upper Room in 2017. Topics of special interest within this scope for Neal include the following:

-Family-related topics
-Counter-cultural thinking
-Focus on eternity and Heaven
-Creative writing
-Inspirational and devotional writing


210 Projects Completed

Whether journalistic, inspirational, informative or humorous, Neal delivers quality articles. They're well-researched, contain quotes and interview results. Here's an outdoor article he wrote for his blog.

Blog Post

206 Projects Completed

Neal currently runs a blog that deals with spiritual encouragement through devotional thoughts and articles. He has experience in guest blogging as well as writing email articles/newsletters. Below is an article on self-improvement from Neal's blog. The previous focus of the blog was "the healthy outdoor family" and this particular article is reflective of that fact.

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