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Alanna has been writing professionally for over three years and as a hobby for her entire life. She has an excellent command of English spelling and grammar and pays strong attention to detail. She is comfortable researching any topic to inform her content and enjoys learning new things. Her content is always of the highest quality, as she will never sacrifice quality for speed. She is a fast learner and follows instructions well. Her greatest asset as a writer is her steel trap memory for vocabulary and information.
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Alanna specializes in writing product descriptions, website content and blog posts.


Alanna has a vast range of interests, enabling her to write well about almost any topic. Some of her favorite topics include travel, food, entertainment and cars. She is also interested in social media, business, personal finance and fashion, among many others.


186 Projects Completed

Alanna has experience writing a variety of content for the automotive industry, including web pages, product descriptions and blog posts. She loves cars and is a voracious reader of automotive reviews, magazines and websites. She is an aspiring grease monkey and is in the process of learning how to perform basic auto maintenance herself.


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Alanna loves to travel and has visited four continents encompassing more than 20 countries. She loves researching travel and is an avid reader of travel magazines, blogs and other publications. This is one of her favorite topics to write about and her enthusiasm comes through in her work. She is always on the lookout for exciting new destinations and unique experiences.

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Alanna has experience writing blog posts for businesses in a variety of industries, including business, travel and entertainment, among others. She understands how to evaluate a company's core business to determine related topics to include in blog posts with the intention of establishing the organization as an authority leader and influencer in its field.

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Alanna has written website content for businesses in a variety of industries, including automotive, real estate, personal care and education, among others. She understands how to get to the core of the services offered by the business and explain them in such a way as to entice potential customers to contact the business.

Product Description

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Alanna has written hundreds of product descriptions for products in a variety of categories, including automotive, home goods, fashion accessories and electronics, among others. She is comfortable incorporating SEO keywords into her content in a way that sounds natural. In writing her descriptions she focuses on explaining the unique features of each product and how they benefit the consumer.

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