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Chelsie received her Associate's Degree in Business Administration as well as Paralegal Studies and has worked in the Law environment for the last 3 years. Through these experiences she has developed advanced writing and communication skills. She has drafted many legal documents that have assisted in the law firms she has been employed by.
She has written for her high school newspaper, primarily covering the sports page. She took away valuable information from this experience that she still uses to this day.
Chelsie also enjoys additional writing on the side. This includes fiction, in it's various forms, as well as trying to start a blog. Her goal is to begin her writing career, which is her ultimate passion, by doing whatever it takes.
Additionally, she runs her own book club where a book from any genre is read and reviewed each month.
She may be new to the game, but she catches on quick and takes pride in the work she accomplishes. She enjoys the idea of a challenge and wants to continue having new and growing experiences.


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Chelsie is great at getting the message across in 140 characters or less. With the use of correct hashtags she can create eye catching, clickable tweets to compliment your web content.

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With experience working as Legal Assistant in a small Corporate Law office, Chelsie gained legal experience and insight. She applied this in her drafting of legal documentation, which included memorandums, briefs regarding filed motions, complaints for new clients and cases, and discovery to be sent to the opposition for the two attorneys she worked for.


Chelsie has traveled locally around her homestead; enjoying the hidden gems in her own backyard. She began her own traveling blog to detail her local adventures as well as any possible further ventures.

Chelsie is planning a trip to the Mid-West this year and will follow that with a trip to New York.


Reviews for Books, Film, and Television.

One of Chelsie's biggest passions is reading and watching stories she loves. With that passion comes the need to discuss and share with others, which Chelsie has done through various reviews, mainly of books, on her own past book review blog as well as on goodreads.com. Many have valued her insight in this vocation and she wishes to provide more insight in new and exciting ways. She fills very strongly that this is truly where she shines.

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Chelsie is still a beginner in the blogging world, but feels that she has the drive and potential to create great web content. Her blog posts share in her experience and expertise on the subject as well as express a casual ease to the writing, making it all the more enjoyable. She is learning how to make SEO content that is eye catching and clickable and believes with the right projects her expertise will expand.

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Chelsie has authored Facebook posts and statuses related to her blog and creative writing content. She is good at creating the interesting and click worthy posts that are needed to accompany web content. She has the skill to work appropriate keywords and hashtags within the Facebook posts to facilitate traffic to meet your needs.

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Chelsie is great at getting the message across in 140 characters or less. With the use of correct hashtags she can create eye catching, clickable tweets to compliment your web content.

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