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Chelsie L
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I am a business-oriented, creative worker with experience both on a corporation's administrative team and as a writer.

In 2018 I started my own website and blog. I primarily write reviews for novels and have been known to include information regarding literary activities.

Prior to this I wrote and reviewed on various mediums including GoodReads.com and a blog linked through Google's Blogger site. My writing has also been featured on the website, Nerdbot.com.

I have worked as an Organizational Development Assistant in the Talent Acquisition/Management Department of a Law Firm since 2014.
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I have a fascination with writing that began at an early age and my plan is to make it a fundamental part of my future career endeavors. I have experience in writing articles, blog posts, and various other content for websites. My passion is fueled by the written word, which came from my love of reading books.

Both of these passions allow me to expand myself through research and learning. My experience is varied in that I have written on many different topics and seek out projects that allow me to learn new things. I believe that this is the best way to perfect my craft and give the best product to my clients.

I have the ability to research and can utilize other writing tools to present the best content possible while being able to self-edit and meet the required deadlines.


Cypress College

Chelsie started out her higher education experience not knowing what major she wanted to pursue. As things happen, she decided to commit to a degree that would allow her to find a good job to help her home situation. She enjoyed the programs offered and one of her lasts classes was a business law class which lead the way to her second degree.

Fullerton College

Chelsie has always been drawn to investigation and crime scene analysis. When she signed up for a business law class, one of the last classes for her business administration degree, she realized that she had an interest in the law behind the investigating as well. She completed the American Bar Association approved Paralegal Program and has since worked in the law field in varying capacities.


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Chelsie has traveled locally around her homestead; enjoying the hidden gems in her own backyard. This primarily covers Los Angeles, CA.

She enjoys writing about interesting experiences in the places she travels.


0 Projects Completed

Reviews for Books, Film, and Television.

Chelsie has her own website filled with book reviews. These consist of books she was asked to read and review by the author themselves, as well as books from NetGalley. Intermixed are a few personal selections that she has read in between.

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0 Projects Completed

Chelsie currently is working with clients on developing and drafting blog posts for their websites. She is fastidious researcher and writer who is always up for a new challenge. She delivers quality written product under deadline.

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