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Most of Tanya's experience in writing was from her time in college. Researching and writing evidence-based papers. In that time, she learned how to write concisely, often about complex subjects. Focusing on the information that needed to be included and the best way to organize and present that information, without boring herself or her reader into a complete stupor(hopefully).

This isn't very different from the writing experience she has had later in life. She has a blog, she writes inordinate amounts of correspondence, and for fun, she sometimes composes letters to the editor on issues where ranting to her friends and family doesn't feel sufficient enough.
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Tanya's focus in school was the sciences. She was best in Psychology, Physiology, and anything that involved copious amounts of research. However, she would also say that she is well versed in English Literature and Music. And, being the child of a farmer and a soil scientist, she knows a lot about Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.


Music, books, art, environmental issues, politics, entrepreneurship, mental health, and work/life balance.


University of Nebraska Medical Center

Completed undergraduate work with University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the first five semesters and finished with the University of Nebraska Medical Center to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Studied a wide range of subjects at UNL such as: Calculus, Art History, Statistics, Chemistry, Poetry, Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, English Literature, Sociology and Music. Then took more focused Nursing courses at UNMC; centered on clinical experience and evidence-based healthcare practices. All of which provided ample experience in research and writing.

Completed her degree with a GPA of 3.76.

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Maintained a blog focused on self-help essays and book reviews. Much of the blog is focused on finding meaningful work after changing careers. There are a lot of pieces on disillusionment and the desire to do something purposeful with one's life. The book reviews are focused on contemporary works of literature, and their resonance with the writer's personal life and environment. The concept is to create a space of reflection about life choices and books. Reading and writing can be therapy and sometimes that therapy can be communal. That is the purpose of this blog. It is full of sadness and humor, but it never completely despairs.

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Blog is conversational and informative. Complex information is broken down into an understandable and concise style. All information is delivered in an original voice with a humorous take. There is a very personable feel to each piece and an insistence on the inclusion of the reader.

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