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Work and training in several fields has given Bruce a broad range of skills. Most of his career has been spent repairing vehicles, concentrating on medium/heavy truck repair. Workload of late has been mostly diesel engine repair and electrical/electronics diagnosis.

Factory work building turf equipment, running a diecast machine, and as a quality control inspector led him to the conclusion that he needed a less repetetive and regimented vocation.

He bought a fixer-upper house, rehabbed it and now uses it as a rental property.

Bruce also has scientific training in Nanoscience. Much of that training involved cleanroom work. In addition to credit work he did workstudy repairing cleanroom equipment and prototyped deposition recipes for bringing a new vacuum chamber online.

He started and posts to his blogsite on truck repair and news. On the site's forum he answers repair and diagnostic information. The site recieves 5,000 to 6,000 page views per month, in a narrow niche subject.

To further develop his writing skills Bruce has written two books on repair of the International/Navistar DT466E diesel engine. The books are in pdf form on CD, and have sold over sixty copies on Ebay and Amazon in less than a year.
Two more books are in the works along with another on a more general subject.


Blogging is one of Bruce's favorite writing activities.
He is also a good researcher and likes to tackle longer articles of a more indepth nature.


Bruce is an avid golfer, fisherman and all around outdoorsman.


University of Wisconsin River Falls

Bruce attended UWRF full time for his freshman year, then took a full time job to avoid starving to death. During subsequent part time study he specialized in sculpture.

He installed a free standing metal sculpture in the yard of the Fine Arts building, then won a $500 comission for a large wall piece installed in the Student Center.

Although he earned a 3.70 cumulative GPA he discovered the field was not a good fit for his personality.

Chippewa Valley Technical College

A layoff from a repair shop management position during the 2009 economic downturn prompted Bruce to try his hand at a new vocation.

FYI, Nanoscience uses the properties of materials and processes at the atomic or molecular scale. These properties can be markedly different for those displayed by the same materials at a larger scale. It has applications in the fields of Medicine, Electronic devices, Coatings and Thin Film, Food products, and Materials Science and Egineering.

He earned a comulative GPA of 3.51.

Upon graduation Bruce discovered the economy hadn't recovered to the point where a suitible job was available.


0 Projects Completed

Bruce wrote experiment and project results while studying Nanoscience. The reports often included charts or graphs, and usually required at least some research.
The reports were required to be accurate, factual, and complete.


0 Projects Completed

Bruce's blog posts deal with:
Diagnostic stories from his career as a truck technician.
Posts detailing a spectific diagnostic task.
Informational articles on related subjects.

His books deal with specific repair procedures on the DT466E engine, one on inframe rebuilding and the other on diagnosis of a no start condition.


60 Projects Completed

Bruce wrote and edited two books on diesel engine repair. The books include numerous images and illustrations.
He formatted them for the Word file to pdf and had them duplicated to disc. He also generated the disc image to be printed to the CD.
The books sell on Ebay and Amazon.
Two more repair books are in the works, along with another on a more general topic.

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