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Alex G. has been a Systems Administrator at a mid-size business for 6 years, overseeing workstations and servers and leveraging technical solutions between multiple branch offices for 500+ users. His daily responsibilities require the communication of complex technical ideas and concepts in a way that makes sense to non-technical people, in order to support their business activities as well as provide input into purchasing decisions for new hardware to build up the infrastructure of the company's IT services. His personal time is equally technology-driven, enjoying and discussing new entertainment options afforded by new technological innovations in music, video games, movies, and TV.


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Generated copy for Foam Energy Inc, a website for a company specializing in sprayed polyurethane foam and coating installations based in Littleton, CO.

Product Projects

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Created a duplex brochure for Foam Energy Inc to allow owner to leave a brief summary of the company and the products and services the provided, in addition to showcasing the competitive advantage provided by their

Web Page

Created webpage content for a landscaping company creating their first web presence, listing their services and commitment to quality.

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