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Ashley Ellis has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism that specializes in Professional Writing from the University of Oklahoma and a Master's degree in Composition & Rhetoric from Northeastern State University. She is also certified in Technical Writing.

She has been an Adjunct Professor at Tulsa Community College for the last 3 years where she teaches both Composition I & II.

Ashley has also worked with CliniCo Rural Health to meet their writing needs for the last 7 years. Okmulgee Daily Times published 5 of her articles in order to promote their clinic, and she does all of their technical and professional writing projects. She writes copy for their website, as well.

In the past, she managed a small business and wrote copy for their site, advertising slots, worked with local journalists to have the business featured in the newspaper, and was able to increase customer flow by showcasing different events held at the bookstore through advertising.

She has experience writing in academia, technical writing, professional writing, journalistic writing, creative writing, and copywriting.
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Technical writing, Professional writing, Copywriting, Medical writing, Professional websites, Small businesses


All forms of writing (creative, academic, professional, technical, medical, business, etc), Art, Education, Rhetoric, Composition, and Philosophy


University of Oklahoma

At the University of Oklahoma, Ashley was taught how to write for companies in order to improve their standing in various communities through Public Relations courses. She also took courses for Advertising and Marketing to different types of demographics for large companies. She was taught the intricacy of Journalism writing and has since used all of those skills in her writing career with various companies.

Northeastern State University

Ashley attended Northeastern State University for her Master's degree in Rhetoric and Composition. In her graduate program, she learned how to write in an academic and professional setting. She took many courses regarding professional writing, technical writing, research writing, and pedagogy courses on how to teach others to write proficiently and concisely.

Ashley has since used these skills to teach incoming freshman at Tulsa Community College. She has taught Composition I & II for the last 2 years and has spent that time teaching students the ins and outs of the English language, proofreading and editing to show students their strengths and weaknesses, and how to write for any field they choose to go into.

She also completed a 65 page graduate thesis in order to earn her Master's degree and will soon be published in Theorizing the Digital Humanities, an anthology.


6 Projects Completed

Early on in her career, Ashley managed a small local bookstore and was responsible for arranging marketing with advertising agents and wrote advertising slots that were published for the store in newsletters and newspapers. She was also responsible for the website and provided copy in order to promote the image and products of the bookstore. Ashley also interviewed with a columnist from the Longview News Journal multiple times on articles related to the nature of the bookstore and events that were being held in order to inform the target demographic of services that were available at the business.


3 Projects Completed

Ashley has been working in the medical field since 2010 as a technical and professional writer, as well as copywriter once the company created their website. She has written four articles for a local health clinic that were subsequently published in the local newspaper, Okmulgee Daily Times. She writes formal letters to patients, insurance companies, and specialist offices. She also edits, writes, rewrites, and proofreads professional letters before they are sent to various recipients. Once the company created their website, she wrote online copy in order to promote the professional image of the clinic.


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Ashley spent seven years immersed in academic writing during her Bachelor's and Master's degree and has spent an additional two years teaching at a local community college. She was required to write many essays regarding various topics including literature, pedagogy, rhetoric, and composition. Her 65 page thesis focuses on various types of rhetoric in the everyday world. In 2016, she will have an essay published in an anthology, Theorizing the Digital Humanities. You can see more of her academic writing on Academic.edu.


3 Projects Completed

Four articles have been published that were written by Ashley regarding the health clinic she has spent the last six years with. These articles were published in a local newspaper, Okmulgee Daily Times. Each article increased the patient load for the clinic in their community after their publication. Each article is written in accordance with her training from the University of Oklahoma, answering the basic journalist questions within the first paragraph. She includes quotes and detailed information regarding the topic of each article.


2 Projects Completed

Ashley has crafted advertising copy for both the medical clinic and the small bookstore business that appeared in local newspapers and websites. Each advertisement was meant to showcase events or strengths of each business in order to increase customer flow. In all cases, patient/customer flow was increased in the weeks following the published advertising.

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On her own personal website, Ashley has published a blog about how she came to understand copywriting. She also has many social media accounts in which she blogs about important issues to her followers and friends on a regular basis. In the early 2000s, she had a Xanga site that she regularly updated with witty and interesting accounts of her daily experiences.

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