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Anne has written powerfully in all of her careers:

1. As a Fitness Professional: 10 years marketing and motivating fitness via websites, industry newsletters, collateral for national fitness chains and personal selling.

Popular, provocative, motivational writing gleaned from - * Teaching everything from Jump Rope Conditioning, Senior Fitness, Family Circuit Training, Tai Chi, Pilates Reformer, Outdoor boot camps, aqua fitness, abdominals
* Personal training to ages 8 - 92 years old.
* Bone-building lectures on beating Osteoporosis.
* A passion for fitness at every age, & aging healthfully.

2. As a Marketing Professional, hired by profits and nonprofits to boost their business via product development, book packages, marketing collateral, websites and speeches.

3. As a Children's Reference Publisher with Oxford University Press, in charge of all dictionaries, reference and non-fiction, and as Marketing and Special Sales Manager, leading teams and writing, editing and masterminding local, national and global campaigns.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Anne has had multiple contracts for fitness and health writing, for all populations, in different moods, platforms and mediums. These include:

1. GE.'s MORSEL mobile application promotion; hundreds of tips for everyday fitness, nutrition, shopping , ways to relax, fitness training and brain health.
2. The Care.com 2012 Guide to Children's Exercise.
3. Pieces on Bone-building, Drinking Water, Swimming for Health, and Balance for www.agingparentsrescue.com.
4. SEO. Multiple-set articles on Olympic Lifting, Nutritional Supplementation, and Health club equipment.
5. BLOGS. Guest blog posts on Leadership and Fitness, Member Motivation, Motivating the Deconditioned.
6. GHOSTWRITING. Authored an e-book for a fitness industry leader with a successful fitness club member retention system.
7. WEBSITES. Wrote 15,000 words on Personal Training, Group Fitness Teaching and becoming a fitness professional for a new Fitness Industry online portal.

Non Profit

Anne uses her writing and publishing nouse to great effect in the nonprofit arena: "in your face with finesse" fundraising letters that generate serious donations, and powerful speeches for thought leaders.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Marketing and publishing, articles on various fitness topics including improving balance, beating Osteoporosis (for men!), Healthy ageing.

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