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James is a third year engineering student. Additionally,he is studying for a second major in finance. James displays many interests and many talents that are utilized to supplement his writing. James is a rare cross between intelligent, athletic, and charismatic. This gives his writing a special edge few others have.


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As a current student in computer engineering, James spends hours learning and understanding the how and why behind technology. Although only a collegiate student for three years, the educational process James has undergone started early and often. The majority of his life has been consumed studying technology in the hopes of one day creating his own technological marvel.

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When considering who best understands social media, go no further than a college student. James not only understands the relevance of strong content, but also the necessity of making easily shareable and informative posts that get people buzzing about a group, event, or business. James has a mastery of understanding the balance between enough pertinent information, and concise descriptions that lead to posts being read.

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