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Frank has performed a wide variety job duties in his lifetime from delivering newspapers to working in a gold mine as well as working for the government for over 26 years.
He worked as a busboy, a ski lift operator and was in the U.S. Army. He worked 10 years with the State of California first as a Clerk II, as a Program Technician for the California Student Aid Commission, as a Motor Vehicle Field Representative and as a Program Technician for the California Department of Motor Vehicles. He also had a 16 year career with the U.S. Postal Service as a Letter Sorting Machine Operator, a Letter Carrier, a Clerk and as a Postmaster.
Regarding sports, he has was a downhill skier, cross country skier, water skier and has been a boat owner. He has 50 years of auto driving experience and as much experience riding motorcycles. He has had over 18 motorcycles and used to race motocross. He has owned over 24 autos in his lifetime. Frank has a single engine, fixed wing, pilot's rating and has flown from Mexico to Idaho and many locations in between. He wrestled in high school and coached wrestling locally. He isn't a bad "shade tree" mechanic having worked on his autos and motorcycles and vehicles of friends and family.
Frank has passed the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) for California teachers and has been a substitute teacher a couple of times.
He is a proud member of the Disabled American Veterans and the California State Employees Association. He is a life member of the California Rifle and Pistol Association and a life member of the National Rifle Association. He shoots competitively with the International Defensive Pistol Association. He reloads his own ammunition and has had a concealed carry permit for over 12 years. Over the years he has hunted, fished and camped.
Frank has dual citizenship, United States and Ireland and possesses dual passports. Oh, did mention he isn't a bad cook.
Am I a know-it-all, definitely not, but I have done and observed a lot of things in my lifetime.


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Frank had a 26 year career in various Civil Service positions. He started when he joined the U.S. Army. He had a 16 year career with the U.S. Postal Service working as an LSM Operator, a Letter Carrier, a Clerk and as a Postmaster of a small town. He also worked for the State of California with such agencies as the Department of General Services, the Student Aid Commission and the Department of Motor Vehicles. He became adept at reading and interpreting complex manuals of operation in each of the above agencies.

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While working for the U.S. Postal Service as a Bulk Mail Technician he made presentations to Bulk Business mailers on how to presort mail and fill-out necessary U.S. Post Office Bulk Business Mail submission forms.
When Frank worked as a Postmaster of a small town he made presentations to schools and various community organizations about the U.S. Postal Service's Ben Franklin Stamp Club. I instructed local children in the art of Philately-stamp collecting.

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