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Patricia Majors has worked in housekeeping, retail, customer service, fast food, and manufacturing over the past five years. She has started writing a book. She has done poetry mostly started in high school creative writing class. She has always wanted to write about everything. Give her a topic and you could very well find yourself with a well written work. She prides herself on her writing although no one has read any of it.


Patricia Majors is dedicated to her work. She can write in Spanish, she may not fully understand when spoken to in Spanish, but she can write it and read it. She puts all her effort into her work.


Patricia's interests are anything and everything to do with the real world and fantasy.


10 Projects Completed

Patricia Majors worked at Nelson true value's garden center for almost a year. While working there she did a variety of projects that were asked of her by her boss. She worked with plants, created displays, moved statues around to where they fit just right, and worked inside and outside the greenhouse.


0 Projects Completed

Patricia Majors is currently writing a fiction book for teens with romance, vampires and witches. She has had some writer's block during this time but is still pursuing it. She has only gotten to chapter two but hopes to get to the end by the end of this year.

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