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Josh has a Masters degree in Creative Writing and fourteen years of professional experience in healthcare and biomedical Information Technology. He has written in such formats as corporate newsletters, executive briefs, client-oriented blog posts, technical documentation, and direct client communication.

His writing skills are well suited to a broad range of detail-oriented topics both for specialists and general audiences. He is experienced writing on the topics of enterprise and consumer technologies, health care, science, and academics.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Josh has over fourteen years of Information Technology infrastructure and support experience in both the healthcare and higher education sectors. He has extensive experience working directly with clients as well as project managers, other technical staff, and executives. He has produced a large volume of technical documentation, enterprise newsletter content, enduser briefs, and executive briefs.


Josh has worked for over eleven years at academic biomedical research centers. He has worked with researchers and clinicians across a variety of disciplines including psychiatry, pharmacology, and cancer research. He is experienced drafting documentation and other publications for clinical, research, and administrative healthcare groups.


Josh has a passion for science and has worked over eleven years in academic and biomedical research organizations. He is skilled at 'translating' complex and cutting edge topics for clients and general audiences, as well as for technical and professional staff of different disciplines.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Josh has written a variety of articles for internal corporate publications. These articles have covered both technical and administrative topics. He has experience writing both for other technical staff as well as for broad audiences. He is known for his ability to convey complex topics in clear, concise language.

Press Release

Josh has written press releases for internal corporate and industry websites. These releases have usually covered topics on information technology or biomedical research technology. Josh knows how to write for targeted audiences and knows the importance of getting key information across concisely in press releases.

Newsletter Content

Josh was a frequent contributor to corporate newsletters. He wrote on both technical and administrative topics.

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