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Nick B. is a recent graduate of Western Carolina University where he studied Communication, with concentrations in Public Relations and Broadcasting. Nick specializes in writing content marketing pieces for companies across a wide variety of industries. He has written many blog posts, articles, web pages and other assets at a professional level with close attention to instructions and detail. His writing experience also includes work on a public relations campaign, crisis communication plan, articles for an E-newsletter, product and business discriptions, broadcast writing, social media campaigns and press releases. Nick is a gifted writer and a hard worker, and looks forward to putting his skills to work for you!


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Nick B's Travel Industry Experience

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Nick B. wrote articles and produced videos for the Dillsboro Dish, an E-newsletter for residents and visitors to Dillsboro, North Carolina.

Industry Projects

  • Auto20+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Home Living20+
  • Construction20+
  • Marketing10+
  • Office10+
  • Business10+
  • Outdoor/Recreation9
  • Fashion5
  • Entertainment5
  • Electronics3
  • Education3
  • Craft2
  • Other2
  • Beauty2
  • Travel0

Summary of Industry Experience


Nick B. has written web page copy and articles highlighting the features of new car models. He has also written a viral blog post for an online traffic school.

Real Estate

Nick B. has written real estate blog posts for real estate companies expanding their blog presence. He has written about new local restaurant openings and local dog parks to provide valuable information to potential home buyers.

Home Living

Nick B. wrote an article that explained the importance of having a water filter in the home, how to replace and install a water filter, and included a reminder to routinely change water filters.


Nick has written many articles and blog posts for homebuilders and home renovation contractors. He is very knowledgeable on home renovation processes, and enjoys sharing ideas about designs and layout for rooms.


Nick B. has written several pieces on social media and content marketing for businesses across a wide range of industries. He has first-hand experience in social media marketing and holds a bachelor's degree in communication, with concentrations in public relations and broadcasting.


Nick B. has written a product description for office equipment.


Nick B. has written several business blogs across several industries as well as articles and blogs about the sales process.


Nick B. has written a blog post outlining safety tips and tricks for driving with a trailer.


Nick B. has written blog posts for a fashion consultant as well as writing an article on eco-fashion as a new trend in the fashion industry.


Nick B. wrote a music news article for a recent startup online magazine. The article was on the Red Hot Chili Peppers forthcoming album and their collaboration with Danger Mouse.


Nick B. has written a blog post on the alarm permit system in Vancouver. The post explains the application process and reinforces the importance of keeping the permit up to date.


Nick B. wrote or co-wrote nineteen press releases during his internship at Southwestern Community College.


Nick B. has written web page copy highlighting the features of some of the best whittling pocket knives.


As part of the development of a crisis communication plan for Heinzelmannchen Brewery, Nick B. wrote a press release outlining the steps the brewery was taking to prepare for a barley shortage impacting the industry.


Nick B. Has written a blog post that outlines causes and treatment of acne. The blog post explains the scientific causes of acne and provides a list of treatments with various ingredients that work in different ways to treat acne.


Nick B. wrote articles and produced videos for the Dillsboro Dish, an E-newsletter for residents and visitors to Dillsboro, North Carolina.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article20+
  • Product Description20+
  • Web Page20+
  • Press Release5
  • Facebook Post0
  • Newsletter Content0

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Nick B. is an experienced professional blogger who has written countless blogs for a wide variety of businesses across several different industries.


Nick B. has written many articles on a wide variety of topics and industries including the auto industry, real estate, outdoors, marketing, and many more.

Product Description

Nick B. has written product descriptions for office equipment and business descriptions for HVAC and landscaping companies.

Web Page

Nick B. has written web page copy for a car dealerships, highlighting the features of new car models, and has also written SEO web copy for other businesses.

Press Release

During an internship at Southwestern Community College, Nick wrote countless press releases highlighting current events at the college. His releases were picked up by several local papers, which gave the college prominent media coverage.

Facebook Post

Nick B. was highly involved with social media during his internship at Southwestern Community College, conducting campaigns and updates on college events.

Newsletter Content

Nick B. has written newsletter content for the Dillsboro Dish, an E-newsletter for residents and visitors of Dillsboro North Carolina.

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