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Joanne recently retired from two decades of management consulting, leaving the thrills of travel behind but retaining the part of her job she always loved best: researching, distilling information, and writing.


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Joanne W's Pets Industry Experience

8 Projects Completed

Joanne's written a variety of blog posts targeting pet owners, covering such topics as house rabbits and routine veterinary care.

Industry Projects

  • Medical20+
  • Business10+
  • Real Estate10+
  • Pets8
  • Consumer Goods4

Summary of Industry Experience


Because her formal education was technical, Joanne easily digests medical literature, is comfortable with medical terminology, and can translate information for the patient audience to help physicians, dentists and veterinarians enhance their practice websites and establish their reputations with new patients.


Joanne spent almost two decades in management consulting before semi-retiring to enjoy freelance writing. She provides insights on project management, team collaboration, and effective use of technology to drive competitive advantage.

Real Estate

As a consultant, Joanne learned how to define a distinct value proposition for each of our service lines. She can leverage this skill to help real estate offices focus their marketing by highlighting their unique strengths. In this industry, Joanne has written blog posts, website copy, and job descriptions.


Joanne's written a variety of blog posts targeting pet owners, covering such topics as house rabbits and routine veterinary care.

Consumer Goods

For several consumer goods companies, Joanne wrote numerous training documents to support the rollout of new software across multiple operating locations. These documents were written for diverse audiences, spanning shop floor staff, backoffice clerical workers, and corporate executives. The training materials included both detailed system procedures and important context such as new corporate policies, new categories, and new roles and responsibilities.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Article20+
  • eBook1

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Joanne blogged as a management consultant before retiring, and at Writer Access, she has created blog posts for technology companies, physicians, dentists, veterinarians and various business to consumer businesses.


As a consultant Joanne's work was published twice in Buyouts Magazine, without payment. The topics covered timely information technology (IT) issues that were crucial to driving post-acquisition growth in the middle market. Her first article highlighted potentially costly issues that her teams brought to light during due diligence. Her second article made a strong case for aggressive cost-cutting by simultaneously outsourcing non-strategic business operations and moving technology to the cloud.


Lengthy writing projects are easy work for Joanne. Over the course of her career, she has written a Master's thesis, numerous whitepapers, a complete course for business analysts, and at least one eBook. Joanne begins with the analysis of the target audience's needs and craft a preliminary outline for review with her clients. Joanne's first draft of each chapter pulls together the content and illustrative examples or mini-case studies. Then she rewrites until the content flows and meets the required reading level.

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