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Carlie began writing professionally in 1991. She spent 5 years at a mid-sized daily newspaper, beating deadline on a daily basis while covering politics and entertainment. She's written for monthly magazines, weekly blogs, and academic publications. Educated at the University of Oklahoma, Carlie holds BAs in Journalism & Mass Communication, and Film & Video Studies, as well as, a Master of Regional & City Planning. She owns a consulting firm and conducts research in the area of natural and environmental planning.
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Specialty areas include: legal, especially environmental law and oil & gas law; hazards planning; business continuity; business; politics; fashion and beauty; travel; pets.


Hiking, travel, reading, music, guitar, my cat, the positive thinking process.


University of Oklahoma

Carlie completed a double degree during her undergraduate years at the University of Oklahoma, covering the major aspects of communications at that time. Both degrees also delved into the then relatively new public Internet, whetting her appetite for the subject.


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Carlie has written on business and technology for online and print publications including "Keysian," "The Oklahoma Daily," "She Owns It," "The Lindsey Divide," "Oklahoma College Press," and "Second Comings." In 2014-15, she authored a more than 20-part step-by-step series to help small businesses create and implement a risk and risk communications plan. "Keysian" published the series in its entirety.

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For three years, Carlie wrote weekly blogs for "Keysian" and "Movitly." She's also written for "She Owns It," "Second Comings," and ""

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