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Jen has been writing all her life, from sappy teen angsty poetry, to journaling, to research papers, to blogging about food or life. Writing is a creative outlet for her. She loves words and thinks writing is her best communication tool. Editing is her BFF!


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Jen operates her own food blog, that got the attention of the Whole30 program. She went on to be a guest blogger for a week, developing recipes and writing descriptions. Cooking is her passion, and her favorite way to present her food is through her writing.


Jen's food blog features mainly gluten-free and paleo recipes. She found out through her own life experiences that she could not tolerate wheat and has had to adapt her life, and writing to fit. Her health changes have been life-changing and she is very concerned with how people eat and the effects of food.


Jen maintains a second blog pertaining to women, life, family, and spirituality. She is honest, but with a gritty sensitivity. This blog has helped her navigate through some of life's ups and downs, like turning 40, friendships, and grief.

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Jen has a Facebook page featuring her blog, Momma J Cooks. Sometimes there is extra content there, not found on the blog. She tries to engage followers to interact and have fun.

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Jen maintains two blogs - one about food and nutrition, where she tells stories about life and food, but also creates and shares recipes. The other is a more personal blog where she talks about life, family, womanhood, aging, friendships, and faith.

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