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Linda brings a wealth of experience and flexibility to a project, as well as an honest desire to write exactly what the client needs. Starting as a tech writer, she discovered that she could move information not just from the engineers who designed a product to the end users but with coworkers in training and marketing to make the product better before it hit the shelf. The heart of all her writing is accurate information and she strongly believes her job is to manage that into whatever format the reader needs, whether a blog, web content, training or user manual, press release, or article. Today's world is filled with information and nobody wants to waste time trying to find what they need. Linda's goal is to bridge the gap between the client and his or her customer and that can be done with clear, engaging, and, where appropriate, entertaining content.
Her experience began in software development and, as the economy changed, so did her opportunities to learn and grow. She's since added to her background by developing web content and blogs for several up an coming marketing groups. Linda produces business features and news stories for two reasons. To write well, it's important to write a lot and get past the mistakes that keep an author from producing text that is easily digestible and speaks to the heart as well as the mind. The second reason is that the world keeps moving and that's good; there are more chances to learn!
Linda volunteers in the local community, contributing her skills and making lifelong friends as well as a difference.
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Press releases, blogs, web content, white papers, and articles.


Vintage automobile racing, home repair and decorating, jewelry design, cooking and entertaining friends.


University of Connecticut

Linda always loved writing and decided to study English because of the opportunity to learn more about the craft and how the writers of yesterday influence and grow the writers of today.


55 Projects Completed

Linda designed and gc'd her own home. This involved interviewing, hiring, and, sometimes, chasing down subs while managing the finances of the project. The house was built on-time and on-budget. She found that the industry is interesting and the people who work in it are very diligent and care about what they create. She enjoys writing for this group of people because they share a common language and goal: to create something amazing for clients.


50 Projects Completed

Linda writes blogs and newsletters for insurance companies. The topic can be complex and unfun for a reader so the goal is to simplify the information but avoid generalizations that make the data useless. No one expects to be entertained while reading about insurance; it might even reduce a business' credibility if there is too much levity. However, the topics can be presented in a way that is comfortable to read.


27 Projects Completed

Much of Linda's free time is spent volunteering at the race track and she's made many friends there, some of which have invited her to write for the VRG newsletter. There is a trick to translating the excitement of the track to paper and she relishes every new opportunity to do so.

Press Release

500 Projects Completed

Linda works with hyper-local newspaper to create and edit press releases. The public may not be aware of this critical news source but businesses should be very aware of the value that a press release has. A well written story can drive traffic to an event or create awareness. A poorly written story can be rejected, or worse, used and damage the business' branding efforts. Linda can create a story that is compelling enough to entice a news editor to use it and angle it so that the business, news source, and public appreciate the content.

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Linda enjoys creating web pages because of the wow factor. There is a great sense of satisfaction in taking the content from an interview and presenting back to a client within a well designed web page. The client sees a reflection of the business that is accurate but more attractive and impressive than they could have imagined. They recognize themselves but feel a sense of pride in that change of perspective; they see what their customers will see and it's a refreshing, energizing moment.

Blog Post

45 Projects Completed

Linda writes blogs for business owners who can't do the work because of lack of time, talent, or basic know-how. She can work from a brief or interview to produce a piece that is interesting and contains at least one nugget of information that the reader can take away. There is no point to fluff or padding ramblings with keywords. Readers don't like it and a client needs to project and protect the business reputation through quality and consistent branding.

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