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Zack has written fiction and poetry since he was very young. He remembers falling in love with the idea of creating new worlds through words in elementary school, and credits a particular English teacher from middle school for turning him on to Poe, fiction, poetry, and his own desire to pursue these as a lifelong writer.

He enjoys creating, coding, and writing interactive hyper-text stories, such as with the Twine engine. He has also written reports for the technical industry, consumer reviews, legal documents, and public relations documents for businesses. He spent three years working for his college newspaper, two of those as the arts and life editor, and was also the assistant editor for national creative writing journal the Pisgah Review.

He loves writing in the speculative fiction genre, because it is so open to imagination and content. He write in many genres, but science-fiction, ghost stories, and weird fiction have always been favorites. Some of his favorite authors include Philip K. Dick, H.P. Lovecraft, Kurt Vonnegut, Cormac McCarthy, and Ursula K. Leguin.


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Industry Projects

  • Auto50+
  • Entertainment50+
  • Gaming50+
  • Music50+
  • Outdoor/Recreation10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Zack has worked as a manager and service writer in the automotive industry for six years, and in the technical repair industry for fifteen. His experience with cars, motorcycles, and appliances, paired with his experience as a writer, has made him a strong writer for this industry. He has experience with writing technical information, invoices, and reviews in the automotive industry. A lifetime of submersion in the technical repair industry has given him a strong outlook on how to write for this field.


Zack has three years experience as an Arts & Life editor and reviewer for a college journal, as well as experience as an assistant editor for a national creative writing journal. He wrote film, music, art, and theater reviews for his college newspaper, as well managing the submissions of other writers. He also managed subscriptions and submissions for the national literary journal The Pisgah Review. Curently, Zack hosts and writes a blog containing reviews and commentary about the entertainment industry.


Zack has three years experience as an Arts & Life editor and reviewer for a college journal. He regularly reviewed video and computer games, and stays abreast of gaming culture and news to this day. He has been an avid gamer all of his life, and follows many online sources to keep up with trends of the industry.


Zack spent three years as a writer and editor for the arts and life section of his college journal. He regularly wrote reviews, interviews, and editorials about music albums and concerts. Zack has also been a guitar player and musician for over fifteen years, giving him a great deal of insight into writing for and about the music industry.


Zack has been a lover of the outdoors his entire life. He has outdoor experience with hiking, caving, kayaking, camping, and dirt biking. He has traveled to several different countries such as Cambodia and The Philippines in pursuit of these hobbies, and keeps a blog detailing some of his journeys.

Product Projects

  • Product Description50+
  • Book50+
  • Blog Post20+
  • Twitter Post0

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Zack worked for an online content producer and wrote over fifty paid articles dealing with household products and their descriptions. These descriptions included product reviews, technical repair articles, brand comparisons, and detailed breakdowns of specific products. Zack also honed these writing skills through working in the technical repair industry for these associated products.


Zack has more than fifteen years experience as a fiction writer, and has written novels, short stories, creative non-fiction, and poetry. He has training under nationally-published fiction write Jubal Tiner and poet Ken Chamlee. He has also worked as the assistant editor for the national creative writing and fiction journal The Pisgah Review.

Blog Post

Zack has blogged for theater companies, businesses, and runs a personal blog of his own. He wrote a series of interviews, entertainment, and theater-themed articles for the Anam Cara Theater located in Asheville, NC. He currently runs his own blog, which contains entertainment reviews, creative writing, non-fiction pieces, and many other posts.

Twitter Post

Zack runs a twitter page and uses it to advertise his blogging and writing assets, as well as his writing webpage. He uses relevant hashtags and links to generate interest and traffic in the posts. He also links multiple accounts to his twitter page so that new posts and blogs are automatically updated across his social media sites.

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