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Randy eliminates the marketing bottleneck B2B tech companies face every day: how to produce enough technically rich and compelling content to effectively engage senior decision makers throughout the buying cycle. After 25 years and 280+ clients, Randy has proved he doesn't need a lot of hand holding. Content interviews and first draft reviews typically take under an hour so marketers can scale programs without frustrating their organization's technical leadership.

Randy writes to both line-of-business decision makers and senior technical problem solvers. Clients hire him to write high-level marketing copy for websites, corporate brochures, and case studies as well as in-depth technical content for trade journals, white papers, and technical briefs. He also writes blog articles for both line-of-business and technical audiences.

He excels at writing thought leadership pieces that sell. A prime example is a brochure he wrote for a U.S. intelligence agency promoting its cyber security services to defense contractors. Rather than merely make a laundry list of features and benefits, Randy devised and orchestrated a central theme about how cyber security measures, if properly applied, will enhance, not degrade, operational efficiency.

Randy aligns the client's brand with an overarching strategic premise so the client is viewed as a trusted expert rather than a self-promoter. A case in point is the "hyperplatform," a term he invented for a multinational IT consulting firm whose technology manages heterogeneous cloud platforms, analogous to how a hypervisor manages heterogeneous operating systems in a server running virtual machines. The client trademarked the hyperplatform term and adopted it as the central theme for its website, which Randy wrote.

On the software side, Randy's areas of technology focus include IT managed services, enterprise software, cloud infrastructure, mobile and app web development and optimization, the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security, and agile software development. On the hardware side, areas include microprocessors, embedding computing, component design and manufacturing, machine vision, analog component design, networking, RFID, smart grid, atomic timekeeping, and storage arrays.

Prior to launching his freelance writing practice, Randy was a vice president at two internationally renowned PR firms where he managed accounts that included Digital Equipment Corporation, United Airlines, Dow Jones, and QNX with total billings that ranged to over $100K/month.

In addition to his professional writing he also produces a podcast that garners over 28K listens each month on a wide variety of technology topics. Since 2011 he has also orchestrated and hosted five conferences at MIT geared to helping tech startups succeed. Topics were telehealth, growing your startup internationally, forming strategic alliances, how to start an IoT company, and open source versus licensing.

In 2016 Randy was invited to return to his undergraduate college in Upstate New York as a professional writer in residence, working with students and faculty on ways to better prepare students for writing careers.
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Technology, Marketing, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Topic Development, Campaign Development


Mentoring, Tech Entrepreneurship, Podcasting, Technology, Business Strategy, Economy, Great Innovators, Boston


Clark University

Marketing concentration. Masters thesis focused on the relationship between tech companies and their ad agencies.

State University of New York at Fredonia

Helped design the college's first two interdisciplinary majors as a student member of academic committees. In 2016, Randy was invited back as the college's first alumni writer in residence to participate in programs designed to help students prepare for careers in wiring.


750 Projects Completed

Randy's writing experience in the software industry includes subjects covered at both a line-of-business and technical level such as:

* Cloud platforms
* Infrastructure as a Service
* Business intelligence and analytics
* Software as a Service
* Mobile app development
* Mobile app performance optimization
* Web app development
* Web app performance optimization
* Backend as a Service
* Cyber security
* IT managed services
* IT consulting, enterprise software
* Internet of Things
* Digital medicine
* Customer relationship management
* Marketing automation
* Software testing
* Digital typography
* Retail automation
* Cognitive computing
* Networking (layers 3-7)
* Application development environments and tools
* Operations engineering
* Access control
* Financial accounting systems


250 Projects Completed

Randy's writing experience in the electronics industry covers subject that include:

* Component manufacturing
* Semiconductor design
* Networks (layer 1 and 2)
* Atomic timing
* Aviation, space, and defense systems
* Smart grid
* Machine vision
* Analog design (e.g., power regulation)


250 Projects Completed

Randy's writing experience in the hardware industry covers subjects that include:

* Microprocessors
* Embedded computing
* Ultra miniature component design and manufacturing
* Ceramic circuit fabrication
* Research and development outsourcing
* Internet of Things

White Paper

500 Projects Completed

Randy has written white papers for both business and technical purchase decision makers on tech topics that include:

* Website performance optimization
* Enterprise search technology
* How to combine agile and lean in SAP projects
* Stopping shadow IT
* Thin film circuit design best practices
* How to use social media in crisis communication
* Designing ceramic circuits for laser fabrication
* HTML5 test strategies and methods
* Miniature atomic clock architectures
* Keys to managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure
* Agile software development in digital health
* How to build iOS and Android apps
* USB3
* Why you should integrate CRM with other marketing automation tools
* How Qt can reduce the cost of developing real-time apps in the defense industry
* How precise timing impacts the smart grid
* How DevOps should make the post-deployment user experience part of pre-deployment testing


250 Projects Completed

Randy has written corporate brochures, product brochures, tech briefs, app notes, data sheets and other marketing collateral for organizations looking to sell:

* IT consulting
* Telecommunication services
* Digital typography technology and products
* CAD software
* Cyber security assessments,
* Digital health and wellness software
* Innovation crowdsourcing
* Electric utility software
* Encryption technology
* Hardware and software for video on demand and cable TV providers
* Laboratory automation hardware and software
* Office supplies
* Ultra miniature component manufacturing services
* Retail back office and point of sale software
* Workforce management software

Web Page

35 Projects Completed

Partnering with web design firms as well as directly with clients, Randy's website projects target the following markets:

* Custom app development
* IT managed services
* Electronic component manufacturing
* Cloud computing services
* Ultra miniature component engineering and manufacturing
* Cyber security consulting
* R&D outsourcing
+ Telecommunication services
* Financial fiduciary services
* Legal services
* Data center services
* Financial insurance brokerage
* Operations engineering services
* Business intelligence software
* Consumer retail
* Tech startup mentoring
* And more

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