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Lilliana is a blogger and freelance writer. She started her blog in 2013 because she loved what she had been reading and wanted to share her opinions of books with like minded people. In 3 years, she gathered some more people who also wanted to review things they read or watched. She made connections with a few authors and is still going strong with her reviews. She writes off and on and has a few short stories in the works at the moment. She likes the gothic/supernatural aspect of writing, but isn't afraid to try her hand at other genres if asked or the mood strikes her. Writing is a passion of hers and she hopes to be able to share her works with the world one day.


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Lilliana is an avid gamer and loves to do game reviews. Her favorite series happens to be the Assassins Creed series. She likes to look at how games expand in a series and what could be done differently to make games hit better with the audience.

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Lilliana loves to blog. It has been a passion of hers for a few years now and she's happy to have her own place where she can post her reviews and opinions. She does review books mostly, but isn't afraid to expand out of that area and see what else she can review

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