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Jaime S
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Los Altos Hills, California
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A writer who can be both inspired and analytical is rare, but Jaime is that writer. Her balance of critical thinking ability and inspiration make her academic work absorbing and her creative work compellingly detailed. She has written and sold over 150 blog posts, scientific articles, indexes, recipes, and sets of test questions for such diverse employers as the How It's Made franchise, Luana Games, Ninja Blenders, MCAT preparatory courses, and scientific paper reviewing companies.

In a series of skills tests given by a popular freelancing site, Jaime's scores speak for themselves:

TOP 5%:

* Analytical Writing
* Report Writing
* Creative Writing

TOP 10%:

* English Spelling ; English Grammar
* Editing and Copy Editing
* Microsoft Word

Jaime's background in science and education means she has written and reviewed hundreds of reports and papers over her career as a freelancer, tutor, professor, and research scientist, making her expert in APA, MLA, and Chicago citation.

With ten popular online novels, Jaime knows how to compel and engage others with her writing. Her background in education coupled with inventiveness means that she has an unmatched ability to convey complex concepts clearly. This is best displayed in her ability to create innovative lesson plans, write science and health blog posts, and edit and write scientific work.

With a typing speed over 90wpm, Jaime will work on your project swiftly, professionally, and efficiently!
Green Living
Blog Post


Jaime is especially skilled at:

* Creating compelling science content
* Telling stories that captivate your readers (and make them laugh!)
* Editing others' work with focus on content AND/OR grammar, spelling, and mechanics
* Crafting articles on health and wellness
* Creating delicious healthy recipes


Medicine, science, women in science, nature, art, comics, reading, writing, viola, traditional medicine-making, LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING (the book but also the sentiment)


Rutgers University

Jaime studied science and earned her teaching certificate while at Rutgers University's New Brunswick campus.

Maryland University for Integrative Health

Jaime studied research writing, medicine-making, and clinical and diagnostic protocol at a small university in Laurel, Maryland, affiliated with Johns Hopkins.


70 Projects Completed

Jaime has written numerous articles in the sciences. These include but are not limited to biographical articles on female scientists; CAP papers; MCAT questions; articles on science education; science blog posts; and editing scientific work.

'Science' is a very broad category. If the sample you see below is not what you're looking for, feel free to contact Jaime to ask if that sort of work is in her wheelhouse. She will send you a sample more like what you are looking for, if that's the case.


66 Projects Completed

Jaime is a National Board Certified Chemistry instructor with over a decade of teaching experience. For her National Board Certification, she completed four portfolios addressing her teaching style, including videos of her teaching and accompanying analysis papers. She also sat six Pearson-administered subject exams, so you can be sure she understands the reality of the classroom as well as the subject matter inside and out. Her position at a combined middle/high school and her positions at undergraduate and graduate institutions means she has extensive experience with a wide variety of age groups.

She has written material for practice MCATs and other standardized tests as well as informative essays on famous female scientists and blog articles explaining scientific concepts. Her essays for 'How It's Made' explained at an eighth-grade level how some very advanced materials and pieces of technology are fabricated.

Jaime has a particular talent for guiding students in their understanding of complex concepts without oversimplifying or 'talking down' to the student. Her test questions are clear without tricks or traps, but students will rarely catch the answer using the best-guess method. Her lesson plans are innovative and creative while still keeping the objective firmly in mind, and her educational writing is superlative.

'Education' is a very broad category. If the sample you see below is not what you're looking for, feel free to contact Jaime to ask if that sort of work is in her wheelhouse. She will send you a sample more like what you are looking for, if that's the case.


50 Projects Completed

Jaime has written numerous recipes for Ninja Blender company, and is an avid gluten-free baker and health blogger. Writing about health and wellness is more than just a hobby for her, however: it is a passion. She worked as an Associate Professor within the nutrition department at the Maryland University for Integrative Health, and is expert at describing the way food, lifestyle and wellness intersect.

'Nutrition' is a very broad category. If the sample you see below is not what you're looking for, feel free to contact Jaime to ask if that sort of work is in her wheelhouse. She will send you a sample more like what you are looking for, if that's the case.


22 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

With a bachelor's degree in Plant Science and an MS in Herbal Medicine, Jaime knows plants! She has written articles for WriterAccess clients on preparing garden beds, how to seed and nurture a gorgeous, verdant lawn, and the best flowers to plant in summer.

With her background knowledge, it's easy for you to get an expert voice for your article and produce a blog post that visitors will be tagging and Tweeting about for years to come!

Green Living

10 Projects Completed

Jaime's background in alternative health, avid interest in gardening, and deep understanding of ecology and clean living make her the ideal candidate to write articles on organic food, gardening, health, and environmental issues. Her M.S. means that she will be able to make meaningful connections between hard science and green living, and her position as a Nutrition Instructor at Maryland University for Integrative Health makes her the ideal candidate for writing about a healthy lifestyle for individuals as well as environmentally sound practices for businesses. She understands the difference between greenwashing and true environmental dedication, and can convey information about the environment from a personal or technical perspective with ease.

Blog Post

140 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Jaime has written dozens of clever blog posts for her clients, from self-help for teens, to original recipes for Ninja Blender, to automotive how-tos, to chemistry blogs for Flinn Scientific. While her research creds are impeccable -- landing her in the top 5% of all research writers on a popular freelancing site -- her tone is warm, engaging, and imminently involving.


131 Projects Completed

Jaime is a superlative researcher, able to outperform just about anyone on content research while maintaining a tone that ranges from dry as your morning toast to as playful and humorous as, well... this description.

She has written dozens of passionate and engaging articles on famous female scientists, mathematicians and political figures; numerous technical articles, including for the well-known site 'How It Works'; articles in education; articles of a scientific nature; and reviews of scientific articles, including a CAP paper. If you want original and engaging content, she's your writer.


1 Projects Completed


Jaime has indexed one book of nonfiction. She is seeking to gain more experience in this arena.

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