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It all began in junior high, with a diary. Those little books that come with a lock and a key. In reality, the look is irrelevant; someone who really wanted to read the secrets within would be able to do so. Brenda bought this diary, and used it to write about cute boys and happenings with friends. Soon, the diary seemed too confining, the space too small to contain her thoughts. She switched to black and white composition books, filling those with her experiences in high school and college.

College brought new writing challenges. Brenda enjoyed journaling, it helped her to sort out problems and served as a source of memory. Academic writing was a bit different. Her freshman composition instructor was one of those who seemed determined to discourage his students. His comments made Brenda feel like an inadequate writer. As a college student in liberal arts, writing was important, so she persevered.

In her junior year, her ideas about the quality of her academic writing changed. A professor commented that her writing style was enjoyable and easy to read. It was the first real positive thing she had heard about her writing; it gave her hope. A friend covertly read one of her in-progress papers and predicted that she would get an A. He was right. Finally, in a course taught by the head of her department, she received an A on her research paper. At that point, she knew she was a good writer.

Brenda found a job teaching. Most of her writing at that time was lesson plans, comments on papers, and notes home. She enrolled in a Masters program, and once again faced academic writing. This times she was more confident and was able to write the papers, including an extensive research paper, without too much stress.

Currently, Brenda is halfway through a doctoral program in transformational leadership. She has written weekly papers, discussion board posts and responses, and other projects. For her job, she writes a b-monthly newsletter designed to give instructional tips to teachers in order to improve learning for English Language Learners. She is also in the process of starting a blog.

Brenda has come a long way from the girl who wrote about cute boys in her diary and worried that her writing wasn't good enough. She overcame early discouragement and doubt. Due to her recent writing experiences, she is confident in her ability to write effectively and create interest in the reader.


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Brenda has taught English as a second language for 15 years. She is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in Transformational Leadership. This experience has taught her a great deal about learning, leadership, and organizational management. Academic writing has enhanced her understanding of teaching and learning, leading to reflection on her practice as a teacher.

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As part of her doctoral program, Brenda took courses in academic writing. These courses taught students how to analyze academic writing, utilize APA format, and synthesize their experiences in class and in life.

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Brenda is a English as a Second Language teacher in an urban district. As part of her job, she offers consultative services for students who are placed in special classrooms outsider her district. To do so, she writes a bi-monthly newsletter of tips designed to improve instruction for English Language Learners.

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