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Josephine is trained in Research Methodology (Quantitative & Qualitative), and has been working as a researcher and data analyst for over five years. She earned her graduate degree in Applied Social Research, and has been published several times in peer-reviewed journals.

Given her experience as a tutor, mentor and clinical researcher, she is knowledgeable across disciplines. Her expertise in research methodology and academic writing has led to mentoring several graduate students and clinicians with regard to developing publishable dissertations, as well as providing assistance in grant writing, research proposals & data analysis.

Her skills as an editor are unmatched, as she has years experience serving as an editor for several academic journal review boards pertaining to Women's Health, Medical Sociology, Clinical Research Methodology and Public Health.Other work experience ranges from, running a publishing press, editing manuscripts & news-related blogs, to graphic design & data visualization. My graduate work and my professional writing requires I use APA and MLA formatting, and thus have extensive experience in such citation formats.

She aims to successfully help you advance your academic and/or professional career as she has for others.


Academic writing, Editing, Research, Data analysis, Research Methodology, Sociology, Psychology, Communications, Design, Data Visualization, Medical Sociology, Public Health, Gender / Women's Studies, Investigative Journalism, Interviewing, Transcribing


I enjoy all forms of artistic expression. I like to read novels as well as academic works pertaining to Media & Social Theory as well as Medical and Visual Sociology. I flourish in the field of academic research due to my passion & dedication to acquiring and disseminating knowledge in a variety of writing styles and mediums.It is in my nature to ensure each project is thoroughly researched, and conveying several points of view, encouraging critical thinking among readers.



Josephine studied sociology and media art studies at Queens College. She focused on the visual representation of marginalized group in the media as well as the importance of investigative independent media platforms. She won all awards granted by the Media Studies Department, excluding the video award as this was not her area of expertise. Her paper on the representation of pregnant women won 2 years in a row. She was recongized by the College for her academic achievement and received award to fund her future studies. Her sociological work informed her graduate studies in the areas of health, media, and social movements.


Josephine graduated with honors from Hunter College's prestigious graduate degree offered by the Sociology Department. She received a scholarship for academic excellence.

This degree track has been explained as"an intensive program in social research leading to the Master of Science degree. The program is designed for individuals with a background in the social sciences who wish to pursue a career in research and related areas, as well as for those who wish to upgrade their research skills.

Hunter's MS in Applied Social Research Program was identified in 2000 as one of the top 5 Sociology Masters' Programs in the U.S. Specializing in Applied Research Methodology, by Lingua Franca's The Real Guide To Grad School."


20 Projects Completed

Research Writer, Analyst for:

2 NIH breastfeeding promotion RCTs
Head Start Sleep Knowledge Pilot Study
Adolescent Reproductive Health Project
HIV/AIDS Women of Color Initiative: Improving access to and quality of care for women of color

Tasks include: Coordinating everyday tasks/meetings, Supervising interns/RAs, Developing research materials, IRB documents & processing, Data Management & Analysis (qual & quant), Data Reports & Presentations and Writing/preparing peer-reviewed manuscripts.

Additional tasks: Assisting in NIH grant application for sleep education project (R25): Translating knowledge of pediatric sleep disorders /treatment to early childhood educators/service providers. Graphics, data visualization.


20 Projects Completed

Tutored in Gender Studies, focused on sociology of gender in undergrad and graduate studies. Also, conducted behavioral research among low-income minority women with the aim to remedy health disparities.


10 Projects Completed

Maternal and child health nutrition: pediatrics obesity, digestive disorders, and endocrinology and diabetes
unit. I was able to establish myself as the nutrition expert which allowed me to fulfill my
knowledge and expertise while working in a multidisciplinary medical team. In addition to
routine counseling and medical nutritional therapy I was responsible for the creation of
nutritional educational materials for newly diagnosed patients with type I diabetes and their
families, instructed dietetic interns, prepared and gave lectures in professional meetings.


20 Projects Completed

Several presentations in the area of public health, health care system, and child and teen health. Incorporates several diagrams to further audience understanding of complicated concepts for various audiences members.


9 Projects Completed

Published scholarly articles. Here is one pertaining to work as a NIH study coordination. Recruiting and retaining study participants -- low income, minority populations.

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