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Dylan has been writing for over a decade now. He first started writing for clients on many different freelancer websites. He would like to become a full-time writer. He is currently enrolled in college and is majoring in business. He is an avid investor and enjoys writing and researching about investing. He's also interested in the stock market but cryptocurrencies are his preferred specialty. His favorite cryptocurrency is Ethereum. He has been writing fitness, investing, and business articles for many years but is open and interested in other areas as well to improve his writing.


Dylan's specialty is fitness and investing. Specifically cryptocurrencies and the stock market. He specializes in writing Information and advice with anything that has to do with health, fitness, business, and investing


Dylan is very interested in writing more about investing and cryptocurrencies. He researches the topics daily and is very knowledgeable of the subjects. He is also an investor himself with many cryptocurrencies in his investment portfolio. His other interest includes exercising at the gym and giving advice on working out and nutrition.


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Dylan is a certified personal trainer. He has been working out since he was in the 7th grade. He has competed in many power lifting competitions and competes in bodybuilding today.


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Dylan has done many advertisements for workout attire. Especially workout and running shoes. Anything to do with the advertisement of clothing interests him. He has been writing advertisement for almost three years now and it is becoming an expertise of his. Many clients have been very happy with the advertisements he has presented them.

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