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The school newspaper in middle and high school is where the adventure begun. The adventure continues with a online blog, and several websites. This is only the beginning because now life seems like it has a missing piece, and that piece of the puzzle is writing. With that piece of the puzzle in place, life is complete.


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America has seen injustices where unarmed people are killed by the police. This writing sample is on Ree's Life blog, and is about the injustices. The government has been overlooking these injustices. Unless people stand together to fight, the police will continue to kill. This has to stop. The government has to take a better look at the officers they hire. They have to make sure that they hire officers who will not shoot unarmed citizens.

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Ree's Life lifestyle blog reviews issues and products that effects everyday life. The writing sample shows how direct the post are. In this age people like real situations which is created in every post. The posts are easy to read, with simply words, and very informative. The post urges the reader to get involve, and to help others. Writing on subjects that involves the community, will gain interest of the public.

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