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Kevin W
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Kevin has always been a writer, but that doesn't matter. Everyone is a writer. His early ambitions were simple, Kevin wanted to make films. Spending free time with a script or a camera, telling stories and creating timelines, all while going to specialized schools with the intention of being a writer/director. He went to a trade school in high school that specialized in television production, and made connections with people that could help him see his own projects to completion. He entered film festivals and competitions with friends, the whole time focusing on his next story. The next script. That perfect tale was all Kevin really wanted.
Movies lost their magic when Kevin got to college. The scriptwriting department at the University he went to ended up being more simplistic and not as focused as he wanted. He wanted to tell a story, but one he didn't have. The summer after his freshman year Kevin; dropped out of school, packed everything he had into 2 suitcases, and flew from Denver to Boston in search of a story to tell. Kevin didn't have a plan, and probably still doesn't. Knowing no one was no problem, Kevin doesn't mind meeting new people, and perspective is not something everyone has the opportunity to expand. From a 19 year old in a foreign place, to a 21 year old stand up comedian doing shows between Boston and New York, to a 23 year old living with his girlfriend and infant son, to a 25 year old foodservice veteran building his life with his now wife and 2 1/2 year old, Kevin has made a habit of embracing change and making the best of what he has. He hasn't always known what is next, nor been proud of all that has passed.
Kevin has always been a writer, but no one give a shit about that. Everyone is a writer, but very few have anything to say.
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