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Tom B
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Tom specializes in writing good copy. Whether it's for a book, a blog, an email, or a call to action, Tom is an expert at finding the right words . Tom worked on the business side of the coin for over twenty five years and knows what motivates a potential reader or customer. There is nothing more important to Tom than getting your message into a decision maker's hand.

Tom also specializes in ghostwriting big projects. Books, screenplays, or presentations are projects that Tom can help with. These types of projects can be challenging in time and presentation. Communication during the process is vital. The author must have clear instructions from the client in order to produce an outstanding product. Lack of communication can cost time and money. Tom will bring the project in on the time and budget agreed on.

Tom has written three books, two of which are on Amazon. One is autobiographical, the other is Christian fiction. Tom is an outside the box thinker.
Real Estate
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Tom is an expert in Commercial Real Estate. He has helped numerous clients complete the requirements for all types of transactions related to business.

Tom is an expert in sports. A life-long Sports fan, Tom played Division 1 volleyball at San Diego State.


Tom's interests are varied. His work within the mental health and motivation industries are well known. A former patient, he has turned the corner, and now helps people realize what they can do. Tom is a voracious reader, having read over 1000 hundred titles.
Tom has written his own blog for five years. His number one post garnered over 1.3 million views.
Tom has also authored two books available on Amazon.


San Diego State University

Tom came to SDSU after serving 4 years in the US Air Force.

Real Estate

17 Projects Completed

As a real estate broker for over 20 years, there isn't much I haven't seen. From forecasting to staffing, I have a copious amount of knowledge in this area.


15 Projects Completed

Tom is a well known sports junkie. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, high school sports are all part of Tom's expertise. Growing up in southern California, Tom was a die-hard UCLA basketball fan, attending the John Wooden camp twice. Having played basketball in high school and volleyball in college, Tom has put in the hours training to know how today's athletes stay competitive.


10 Projects Completed

With over 20 years in commercial real estate, Tom has experience to write on anything finance. From ROI to joint mortgages, they are not a lot of topics Tom hasn't lived. With a degree in Real Estate Finance from San Diego State University, Tom learned that a solid foundation was the key to his long term success. Tom has experience in all aspects of business. From start-up to marketing to hiring employees, there isn't a subject that he has not experienced.

Blog Post

20 Projects Completed

Tom has been operating his own blog for the past year. He insight and appreciation for the amount of work it takes to make each post appealing to the public while being a relevant subject. Tom is not afraid to tackle any subject, but know you will get a truthful, no-nonsense, point of view.

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