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Zach has been writing since he was a kid, even going to Creative Writing camp at Hofstra University a few summers when he was a teenager. When it came time to go to college, he did what came natural to him - he went to Hofstra to study writing.

While at Hofstra, he was a writer in the Hofstra Filmmakers Club and had the joy of seeing his words get transformed into actual movies. After college, his screenwriting has continued - he currently has two movies being shopped in Hollywood (with a third script nearing completion).

Zach also has two books in the pipeline. He is about to get started on a biography of a man who rose from homelessness to being a successful restaurateur, and after that, he is going to complete a book on 19 prominent vegans and their uplifting success stories.

For a couple of years, Zach maintained a hockey blog with a friend of his. While the blog isn't updated as often as it once was, Zach makes guest posts on hockey, football and wrestling on other websites.

Currently, he is a researcher for Around the NHL, an in-arena program from the National Hockey League that shows highlights from all of the night's NHL games to all 30 arenas in the NHL. His notes and research are given to the producers, highlight editors, and voiceover talent to enhance the experience for the fans.
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Hockey; movies and television; yoga; comedy; business; marketing and advertising; hockey; football; gambling


Entertainment industry (movies, television, music writing, Netflix, etc); yoga; sports (hockey, baseball, football, tennis, martial arts, horse racing, MMA, wrestling); stand up comedy; books; board games; business; marketing; advertising; poker; gambling; food; vegan; vegetarian; cooking


Hofstra University

Zach was an English major with a creative writing concentration at Hofstra University. He switched junior year from his original major, Drama.


228 Projects Completed

Zach creates info sheets for the editors, producers and voiceover artists of Around the NHL, an in-arena highlight system. They cut highlights from every game in the NHL on any given night and send them around to the other arenas, so fans in Winnipeg can know what's happening in Tampa Bay, Boston, Chicago, etc.

Zach works here 5 nights a week and has done hundreds of these over the course of two hockey seasons, doing one full page of notes for every game on every night.


2 Projects Completed

Zach has written two feature-length movies that are currently being shopped in Hollywood. The first one is called "Advice to Our Unborn Child" and the second one is called "September to August," a coming-of-age teen drama set against the backdrop of a national tragedy.

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100 Projects Completed

Zach ran a well-known hockey blog for a few years with a friend of his. One was a Ranger fan and one was an Islander fan. They offered differing views on their respective teams, news, notes, and posts where they collaborated. This all came with the experience of watching a lifetime of hockey.


2 Projects Completed

Zachary has written multiple screenplays, both fiction and non-fiction. This is a scene from one of Zach's feature films, "Advice to Our Unborn Child."

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