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Jenny has worked in the writing business for over two years and written research projects ranging in topics from mosquito viruses to sex changes in India to hard wiring an office network. In addition, she has prepared business plans, legal pleadings and other legal documents, short newspaper articles, product reviews and an assortment of corporate documents. The variety is what keeps Jenny coming back for more.


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Jenny had 25 years legal experience under her belt prior to attending college. Once she graduated, she took on freelance writing in order to support herself while obtaining her Master's in education. Unfortunately, due to some bad luck and poor timing, Jenny gave up her dream to teach; however, found a niche in the writing world. She has done much in the way of independent research projects and assisting individuals in real-life court cases as a paralegal. She has been able to utilize that experience when doing research projects set in the legal genre.

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Annual Report

Much of Jenny's work is done requiring extensive research; however, now and then she is hired to prepare business papers, such as business plans or annual or monthly statements. While the research is not as extensive over a broad area, it is more intensely focused on a single business and, possibly, a couple competitors. The challenge is to include as much material as is required without being redundant or incorrect in the telling.

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