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Melody started getting serious about writing around age 8, when she and her mother started making comics for Melody's made up superhero. Since then, Melody has done everything she can to write about anything and everything. Melody's first "clients" included her high school's literary magazine, and since then has gone on to work with small businesses and non profits to help them increase their visibility and reach their target audiences.

Melody hopes to become a master at all types of writing, implementing skills learned from one genre in order to quickly perfect another. She has written a computer user's guide and single-handedly wrote the copy for software's crowdfunding campaign. Melody has been working professionally as a writer for four years.
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By far, the majority of Melody's writing experience is in marketing. Melody's first official marketing job was with a small, e-publishing company called Entranced Publishing. There she helped the marketing director to come up with strategies to promote authors and their upcoming books.

In Melody's Public Relations class, she helped a local non-profit called The Christi Anderson Rack Pack foundation come up with a business plan to help them reach out to breast cancer patients that would greatly benefit from the Rack Pack's assistance. She helped them deal with legal issues about patient health care practices and still reach out to those in need.

The following summer, Melody interned at a local dance company and assisted their marketing director with gearing up for the company's 50th anniversary. She assembled a social media plan that detailed best practices for reaching out to new audiences.

By far, the biggest influence on Melody's writing ability concerning marketing came from her work with Logique. A local software consulting firm, Logique faced many challenges in reaching out to clients at all, let alone finding clients that fit well with their vision. By creating and implementing marketing strategies, Melody helped Logique to build a client base and become a contender in the local software consulting world.


4 Projects Completed

Melody has helped multiple clients build business plans. These plans would allow for the clients to build a solid foundation and come up with a plan for expansion and implication of suggested business practices. Melody conducted research and user testing before suggesting and writing up these business plans. Individualizing these plans in this way allowed for Melody to ensure that the businesses were receiving proper and relevant information.

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Melody has been on Facebook since 2008 and has seen multiple types of formatting and site designs come and go. Along with running her own Facebook, Melody has written and contributed to the Facebook pages and accounts of businesses and individuals alike.

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Melody has been running her own blog since 2011, and has learned quite a bit about the nature of blogs and blog posts as she grew with her blog. Currently, she is looking to revamp her personal blog and start a new blog concerning LDS doctrine and scriptural passages.

She has also written blog posts for others on an individual basis and has guest posted for a handful of blogs.

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