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Writing is something very familiar to Maxine. Resume writing, Article Marketing, Blog Writing and Copy writing have been an integral part of her literary experience.

But let's take a look at what brought Maxine and the literary experience together.

As a previous Independent Living Program Coordinator, Maxine worked with teenage mothers in-house, in need of resume-writing services. She focused on producing:Chronological, Functional and Volunteer resumes for that population in group tutorial form and during one-on-one counseling sessions. Therefore, clientele did receive time carved out from her to assist them.

As mentioned earlier, Article Marketing, Blog Writing and Copywriting are a part of Maxine's literary forte. She had been a member of the American Writers & Artists Incorporated (AWAI) organization as well as the Wealthy Web Writing Community, which is a branch of AWAI. For Maxine, inspiration comes from a number of sources. "What's Trending Topics", News/Media Outlets such as CNN and Fox News as well as crime-drama televised programming; particularly: "Law & Order" which represent the reality of law enforcement and address hot-button topics including police brutality against citizens and questionable shootings. That is heavy material at its very essence. For Maxine, at that point, the literary forces take over. Hence, Maxine is known to vascillate towards light-hearted topics, that promote the spirit of giving; paying-it-forward-moments directed towards others, blended with heartwarming-topics. Family Reunification pieces that have an obvious "feel-good" element are always on Maxine's writers-to-do-list. The Holidays often serve as a catalyst and backdrop for such a writing platform.

Physical Fitness is something of dire importance to Maxine because our health comes with a certain urgency......the need to eat better, get moving so that overall functioning is not brought to a halt. Maxine in her writer's gut is cognizant of the fact that her best literary work is linked to the length and strength of physical and cerebal activity. Exercise clears her mind and helps her write with clarity on a variety of issues, such as those mentioned above.
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Maxine has a previous professionally-trained dance background in the Performing Arts of Ballet, Modern Dance , Basic Tap dance sequence and Gymnastics. It served her well in the younger days. There are still some moves Maxine incorporates into various exercise and yoga routines ; all which stem from the discipline mastered early onward.

Maxine is also somewhat bilingual in Espanol. She has studied the Spanish language for six years. Such an endeavor serves her relatively well when interacting with members of the spanish-speaking community. It truly is a language of love and excellent cuisine.


Humanitarian Causes remain near and dear to Maxine's heart. Her relationship with charitable causes began approximately at age 12. She was taught to share and to give. It impacts the life she lives.


St. Bonaventure University

Maxine's level of learning has been further validated by the Masters Degree awarded to her from the Educational Department in the field of:Counseling & Education.


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Writing an "on-spec" sales letter for the Former Marketing Director of Ebony Magazine was a literary honor that Maxine did not take lightly, but did take her time with so as to create a crisp document that spoke to the customer and truly represented the soul of the seller via a professional sales letter.

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Maxine has her own Blog site that focuses on exercise videos highlighting the importance of fitness, along with some cute-tongue-in-cheek video footage and fun moments. The excitement of the blog experience is that a steady stream of ideas travel down the river of our brain and manage to connect with our conscious-thinking. For this reason, blogging has remained a constant in the literary life of Maxine.

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