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Four decades. Millions of words.

John believes that all writing must be IRI -- Interesting, Relevant and Informative -- whether it's a complex white paper or an email to your mother or a news release.

Good copy elicits the response the client wants and is a positive investment. Often it must be viewed as part of an overall campaign involving other creatives, plus lawyers, accountants and management. A good writer is a willing and integral contributor to the team.

And good marketing copy will have a powerful CTA -- call to action -- to generate the desired response.

John began his career with words in London transcribing comic books from "American" to "British." Thus "Holy mackerel!" became "Cor blimey!" for legions of young Brits.

Daily and weekly newspapers trained him that writing often involved slogging it out when the muse went absent. He took a job as the first curator of a floating fisheries museum. "How hard can it be?" he asked. After working 24/7 and losing 10 pounds in two weeks John had his answer.

Freelance magazine writing, starting and running a creative agency, creating documentaries and commentaries for public radio, writing (under various pen names) and publishing an inflight magazine, penning political speeches and industrial copy for government agencies honed his way with words.

Along the way John became an accomplished graphic artist and photographer. Both skills contribute to his writing. "I can see the project in its entirety and write copy that supports and enhances the visual elements."

Writing personal and family histories is one of his latest interests. In depth interviews are recorded and later edited, along with family photos and documents, into a full color coffee table book that can be passed on for generations.

From news articles to websites, speeches to blog content John writes interesting, relevant and informative copy for many different industries, government agencies and private clients. His words help bring the response clients want.

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Advertising, Associations, Building Materials & Construction, Education, Fiction / Humor, Financial Services, Government & Public Sector, Hospitality & Tourism / Travel, Industrial & Manufacturing, Legal, Marketing, Medical & Dental, Personal & Corporate Histories, Real Estate & Development, Specialty Foods


Crafts, Education, History, Law, Manufacturing Process, Medicine, Real Estate, Sales, Transportation, Travel


Dalhousie University

English and general B.A. courses


252 Projects Completed

Manufacturing is a tough and often dirty business and sometimes the message gets lost in the process. Cement is dangerous and essential while ship propulsion ranges from old fashioned to downright inventive. For many years John has written copy that scrapes away the grunge to reveal how technology, innovation and brute force can come together beautifully to make a better world.


250 Projects Completed

“People just wanna have fun” and the travel and hospitality industry is geared to offer it in many different formats. From delicate lace making in Belgium to the soaring tombs of kings in Thailand and lavish weddings in Minnesota, John’s copy has explained, in enticing and entertaining words, how his clients’ programs and products offer a good time to their guests.


100 Projects Completed

John has written about human office dynamics and office environments for several years. Over this time trends have changed from high wall work stations to office hoteling and now to sustainable office environments. The internal modifications have been accompanied by changes in people behavior, some of it negative. The search continues for the ideal office and John follows the trends.

Newsletter Content

250 Projects Completed

Newsletters are one of the oldest forms of internal and affinity communication. John began writing newsletter copy almost four decades ago when print was the primary delivery medium. While the digital process is different, the concept remains the same: To provide information in a readable format that informs and causes a positive response.

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202 Projects Completed

Responsive blog content is a persuasive marketing message skillfully wrapped in relaxed copy that is interesting, relevant and informative. Since the beginning of the blogosphere John’s has written web and blog content that also delivers the desired response and helps to develop and maintain the readers’ ongoing engagement with the client.

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