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Becka has been achieving writing awards since the first grade, and has always found a natural flow where the pen meets the page. In her early teens, she became one of the first bloggers, utilizing the first platform designed for web logging.

Today, her skill has evolved to a broad range of professional writing. She has written casual blogs, intensive white papers, and just about everything in between. Her writing is strong and flexible, with the ability to articulate concepts in a concise way or to stretch them out into a "fluffier" and more wordy version. She works to understand the brand image and reflects that tone in her writing. She has worked within a variety of industries, writing for hospitals, ministries, entertainers, carpenters, marketing firms, animal welfare organizations, and several others.
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Blog and web copy are Becka's top skills, probably because she has been working on those specific crafts for 15 years.
Humorous, edgy writing is the style that is most natural to her. She has a knack for balancing professional content with an amusing voice.


- Emerging technology, including social media, mobile apps, and gaming
- Parenting
- Hula hooping


Webster University

Becka was the top of her class and a favorite of her teachers for her wit and creativity which were strongly represented in her writing assignments.


37 Projects Completed

As a public relations professional, Becka has completely multiple tasks related to marketing. This would include drafting sales introduction letters, designing and scripting advertisements, and organizing events. Additionally, she is skilled in the public relations side of the coin in regards to earned vs. paid placement.


21 Projects Completed

Becka is the working mother of an energetic toddler, who teaches her lessons about child rearing and life in general on a daily basis. She currently maintains a mommy blog featuring everything from product reviews, how-to guides, honest advice and insight regarding child development, and humorous anecdotes to uplift exasperated parents.


10 Projects Completed

Becka's wit and wordplay are what make her the funny girl of her group of friends. She can poke fun at just about anything, and always knows just how far to go with the audience, from cheesy office humor to downright racy quips.


222 Projects Completed

The clients of Writer Access have been thrilled with Becka's knack for finding all the right words to describe a product. She does her research and puts the description together so beautifully, you'd think it was written by the product's inventor. She's also a master of slipping in keywords in a way that gives them a very natural flow and doesn't make the reader stop and wonder if the content is branded.

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Becka has been blogging since before the term existed. Beginning on the initial web log, Open Diary, she began contributing online writing in her early teens, and it has been a constant in her life since. She has written posts for her blog on the topic of social media, as well as for several companies including public relations houses, hospitals, ministries, animal welfare groups, and more.


101 Projects Completed

Working as a presentation coordinator for several years, Becka is the office PowerPoint whiz, and has a keen eye for design. She has developed a wide range of materials including company profiles, financial data analyses and reporting, marketing packages, and documents used in court of law.

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Becka has years of experience writing copy for many kinds of web and print publications. Her skills have earned her a reputation as the office wordsmith, and she has become the go-to for drafting and editing.

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