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Writing has been an important part of Christine's life since childhood. In high school she was features editor of the school newspaper, and as an adult, she wrote a weekly columnist and features writer for a suburban newspaper chain for three years. She was also a full-time writer for a mutual fund company for five years. Having worked for corporations, non-profits, educational institutions, and as a self-employed writer, she is adept at writing business letters, brochures, pamphlets, people profiles, proposals, and blogs. Recent freelance assignments include: an important sales letter for an alternative energy company, biographies for two real estate agents, an executive profile,a biography for a Hollywood entertainer, a real estate slogan, and website content for a new health food startup.

As a teacher, she has designed and has written the entire curriculum for her department. She also is a key writer for her school e-news publication.

Writing is a passion for her! It always has been and always will be!
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Christine specializes in education and foreign languages.


Christine is interested in writing, reading, teaching, exercise, travel, foreign languages.

She loves to share her passions with others whether in person (the classroom or presentations) or on paper through writing and publishing articles beneficial to others.


Wilson College

Christine studied education courses in preparation for certification in her undergraduate specialty of Spanish. Hardworking and industrious, Christine completed ten classes past her Bachelor of Arts degree and passed five certification tests. She did all of this while simultaneously teaching seven classes of Spanish everyday!

Washington College

Christine completed an undergraduate degree in Spanish. She took a variety of courses in other disciplines. She also worked part-time on campus and graduate cum laude with departmental honors in Spanish.

University of Maryland

Christine completed 18 credits of graduate study in Spanish at the University of Maryland.


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For the education industry, Christine has been a key writer for this publication. Since its inception several years ago, Christine has provided a wealth of articles on innovative projects in the classroom, as well as cutting-edge trends in foreign language instruction.

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0 Projects Completed

Christine wrote a guest post for this career blog. She was invited to write this post due to her timely interest in retirement plan for herself and for other baby boomers. Her article was very well received in the newsletter. It was also selected to be a Facebook Sponsored Article and cycle two times, reaching a wide and varied audience.

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