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There is little in the writing field in which Ms. Stewart does not excel. Presently she is honing her SEO skills. Since an early age, she has written articles for newspapers and magazines, Her book, The Neal-Schuman Directory of Library Technical Services Web Pages, received an award as one of the best Reference books of the year. For over 10 years, she has been an editorial and design judge for the Benjamin Franklin Publishing awards. As a cataloger in a large university library, she created thousands of bibliographic records detailing content and subject headings of books. She can spot a typographical error from a mile away! She is also a prolific blogger and Facebook advocate, and is known for her thoughtful writing, as well as her keen sense of humor. To top it all off, Ms. Stewart is fluent in Spanish and can easily translate when needed.


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Consumer Goods

Ms. Stewart has retail sales experience, as well as a long history of helping library users to find pertinent reviews and criticisms of products. (This is above and beyond reviews on Amazon).


This writer has a long and varied history within libraries. She has worked as a director of a small public library, as well as a cataloger in two large university libraries. She has created, edited or enhanced thousands of bibliographic records. It is the rare typographical error that escapes this librarian's eye! She has also worked as both an editorial and design judge for the Benjamin Franklin Awards


Editorial and design judge for 15 years for the IBPA, the Independent Book Publishers Association, previously known as the Benjamin Franklin Awards.

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Web Page

Here is an example from the introduction to a website created to be an annotated full text index to a newspaper in Franklin County, MA

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